Are you searching for insulating glass spacers to install at your place? If so, then we are glad you found us! Energy efficiency is a deep concern globally nowadays, and that too, for obvious reasons. Over time, the glass manufacturing sector has undergone several advancements and alterations concerning the elements and technologies. And finally, we have the best development of all time: Insulating glass spacers incorporating spacer technology. But what exactly are insulating glass spacers? This blog post features everything you need to know about Insulating glass spacers and their advanced solution. So, keep reading to find out!

Why Do You Need Insulating Glass Spacers?

Before getting into any details, it is crucial to know why there is a need for insulating glass spacers. Do you have the answer? If not, then do not worry. This section features reasons why you need insulating glass spacers.

Insulating glass spacers offer multiple functions that are quite beneficial to all. Let us have a look at a few of them below:

  • The Insulating glass spacers split the two glass plates to allow for expansion and contraction according to their requirement.
  • They aid in creating a barrier within the window, ensuring that no percentage of the insulating gas escapes.
  • This incredible item leaves you with a secure glass window offering excellent insulation.
  • These glass spacers can also raise the warmth at the edges to reduce the possibility of condensation.

So, you see how insulating glass spacers perform crucial functions and why you would need them in the future. These are undoubtedly classic development benefitting the world in all possible ways!

Wide Variety Of Spacer Options

As there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly building materials, glass spacers that can increase the energy efficacy of insulating glass is drawing more attention. The three crucial things that affect the efficiency of insulating glass spacers are:

  • Materials Used
  • Thickness
  • Colors

Let us get into the details of these:

  1. Materials Used

The material has a significant impact on the thermal performance of the spacer. It controls the extent of heat or cold passing through the glass. Spacers are often split into two categories based on their material: Aluminum spacers and Warm edge spacers.

  • Aluminum Spacers

Aluminum spacers have been quite popular as they offer the primary efficiency level. Aluminum is a robust material but also an outstanding thermal conductor. So, these spacers allow the heat to transfer to the outdoors, keeping a chill environment inside. Additionally, the aluminum-induced cool glass edges produce a temperature disparity between the middle and edge of the insulating glass. Thus, moisture is a prominent concern for insulating glass components.

  • Warm Edge Spacers

The widely used material now for insulating glass spacers is the warm edge. Warm edge spacers, built from low-conductivity supplies, became available as a better-performing replacement for conventional aluminum spacers. This innovation lowers the condensation problem and also assists in minimizing heat loss from windows while enhancing energy effectiveness. There are many warm-edge spacer layouts in the market, each offering diverse degrees of strength while reducing the impact of thermal loss. These include:

  1. Plastic-metal composite warm edge spacers:Often manufactured using metal shims and plastic components like polypropylene, plastic-metal composite warm edge spacers are popular.
  2. Stainless steel warm-edge spacers:These spacers have similar characteristics to aluminum spacers, but stainless steel features a thermal conductance only 10% that of aluminum. In short, these definitely outweigh the aluminum spacers.
  • Pliable warm edge spacers:The warm edge spacers get designed using either elastic thermoplastic or silicone-manufactured polymers. They also include molecular filters.
  1. Thickness

The second thing that impacts the efficacy of insulated glass spacers is the thickness. The distance between two glass lites inside an insulating piece determines the thickness. It is crucial to provide the appropriate extent because it impacts the solar productivity of your spacer. Standard thicknesses are 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2”.

  1. Colors

The insulating glass spacers come in a mill appearance with a silvery tint or a black-coated finish. However, the main thing is that color has quite a slight impact on the energy efficacy of the spacer.

Undoubtedly, there are many spacer options to choose from. However, the best part is yet to come: An advanced solution for insulating glass spacers. Are you curious to find out? Keep reading then!

TPS – Advanced Solution For Insulating Glass Spacers

Since the spacers discussed above were not too efficient and had drawbacks, the glass manufacturing industry developed a phenomenal solution for the insulating spacers: The Thermo Plastic Spacer (TPS). TPS innovation has significantly changed the insulation glass spacers business since its introduction in 1994. It offers many noteworthy benefits in addition to providing exceptional thermal insulation. Right now, there are over 100 TPS manufacturing units operating worldwide. How cool is that!

Advantages Of The TPS Technology

Now you know everything about the insulating glass spacers and the TPS technology, let us have a look into the remarkable advantages of the TPS technology:

  • More effective production techniques than conventional ones.
  • It features superb endurance qualities.
  • It offers increased spacer durability.
  • TPS also provides maximal moisture protection on the cord grommet.
  • Dynamic and efficient vapor shield.
  • It also lowers the heating expenditures of the user.
  • It offers the precise thickness of the insulating glass.
  • Accelerated production cycles because sawing, flexing, adsorbent filling, and butane coating are no longer necessary.
  • Smooth and continuous execution in a single step.

Isn’t it impressive?

Summing Up

Overall, the insulating glass spacers are quite requisite as they have plenty of benefits. However, they also have some disadvantages. To overcome those, Thermo Plastic Spacer (TPS) is the ultimate solution. It features mind-blowing spacer technology that increases energy efficiency to a great extent. It also offers many other advantages. TPS is definitely the innovation that was necessary for the world.

Now you know everything about insulating glass spacers and why you should get one. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the appropriate insulating glass spacer for you today!

June 08, 2023 — Della Wang