Commercial windows are designed to let inmore light for larger spaces, like offices, hospital schools, and otherbusiness-type buildings. More light requires larger, slimmer and stronger framesand overall more glass. More durability against high winds is expected as well.  

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For more than ten years, Warren has become
the best partner in many projects. We cooperate with the contractors, builders
,and owners from the early stage to the end to find the right solution to your
project. Warren always welcomes any challenges the project may bring.


75 System Window

75 System Window boasts its top configuration. The hidden vertical drainage system, standard corner protectors, and high-quality sealing strips perfectly satisfied the Suzhou Project.

135 Slim Frame Lift and Slide Door

Warren 135 Slim Frame Lift and Slide Door astonishing large door
panels with effortless operation due to its carefully designed hardware with
supporting capacity up to 350 kilograms, and is able to hold 6 ultra-big sashes
to offer a panoramic view. Warren’s exclusive slim frame (25mm) helps create an
unobtrusive transition from indoor to out as well

Both interior and exterior folding doors are well
fitted for big openings with our unique & flexible design, offering
effortless operation. Dual lines of the pulley are in the middle, on which a
guiding pulley on the top of the folding doors is able
to slide, allowing for smooth operation.

A passive house is a home or an office
building that strives to use the least amount of energy possible for all
heating and cooling. Passive windows are extremely energy-efficient windows.

With Warren 93 passive window, the Weihai
Project benefits from the best materials that reduce air, water, and noise

Available in thick or thin diamond mesh screens or ultra-transparent net screens and can
be installed with a safety guardrail.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews
The doors and windows are exquisite and beautiful, with sound insulation and heat preservation. The sealing effect is very good. You don't need to turn on the air conditioner at night, which is worth recommending
— Alice
At the beginning, I was worried that the sound insulation effect would be poor. After the overall decoration, I specially felt it. The whole family received unanimous praise, very satisfied
— Jerome
I'm a perfectionist, and I'm very picky about products and service providers After comparing most of the brands and merchants in the market, I finally chose them because of their product strength and dealers' comprehensive service ability. It's great!
— Danny


WARREN has won many certifications in China and worldwide.

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