why we choose these brands

Our Handles

Why do we need good handles? A good handle not only makes your home more stylish, it lasts longer and is less expensive to maintain. We work hard to find brands of handles that are both beautiful and durable, and cost-effective!

German Brand FSB

FSB Plug-in Handle

Germany FSB was founded in 1881, 140 years ago, specializing in handle. The style we use is the same model as the Olympic Games. Aesthetics and practicality are the main focus. The handle is comfortable to hold and the cross-section resembles an oval olive leaf shape, symbolizing peace, health and happiness.

Belgium Brand

Sobinco Handle

Founded in 1961, sobinco is the No. 1 aluminum alloy door and window hardware manufacturer in Europe, originating from Belgium. warren cooperates with sobinco because they have safer, more corrosion-resistant and more load-bearing handles and hardware.

Global Selection of Supply Chain-Belgium Sobinco

Warren windows and doors global selection of supply chain [Belgium Sobinco] precision and high-end.

German Brand

Hoppe Handle

Since the 1970s, Hoppe has established itself as a leader in this sector of the European window and door hardware market, and a competitive leader even on a global scale. This position is not only due to the market share of the products, but also to the company's extensive product range, its outstanding innovative power, the best price/performance ratio and its technological superiority in the field of aluminum alloys.