Glass pivot doors are quickly becoming popular for homeowners looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their homes. Made from glass panels, while you may think this is a simple aesthetic, glass pivot doors are actually available in an extensive range of styles and designs.

While this is great for homeowners, choosing the best one for you can also get a little confusing, so we're here to make it easier. In this guide, we'll explore the different types of glass pivot doors, what benefits they provide, and why it could be the glass pivot door that's right for you!

One-panel Clear Glass Pivot Door

The standard pivot door.

A one-panel clear glass pivot door is the most popular style due to its simplicity and straightforward design. As its name suggests, a one-panel clear glass pivot door consists of a single panel of glass that rotates on a hinge at the top of the door.

The main benefit of this type of glass pivot door is its sleek and minimalist look. It also provides a great view of whatever is behind it, making it perfect for use in living rooms, offices, or any other space where you want to show off your beautiful home. It's also a fantastic choice if you want to let in a lot of natural light.

Large Entrance Glass Pivot Door

The best way to think of a large entrance glass pivot door is simply to see it as a larger version of the one-panel clear glass pivot door. It's designed for use as an entrance door and usually has two panels of glass.

The benefits of this type of glass pivot door are similar to those of the one-panel clear glass pivot door. However, the larger size provides a more elegant and luxurious look and certainly makes a statement to anyone coming up and into your home.

Minimal Office Glass Pivot Door

The minimal office glass pivot door is a variation of the one-panel clear glass pivot door. It's designed for use in office spaces and usually has a frosted or opaque glass panel.

This type of glass pivot door provides the same benefits as the one-panel clear glass pivot door but with the added bonus of privacy. It's perfect for use in office spaces, conference rooms, or any other space where you want the impressive glass look but also want to keep prying eyes away.

Modern Exterior Glass Swing Door

The modern exterior glass swing door is another variation of the large entrance glass pivot door. It's designed for use as an exterior door and usually has two panels of glass, typically tempered and ideal for keeping out the elements and being energy-efficient.

What makes the swing door so good is the fact that it tends to pivot on one point and rotates here. This means you can customize how you open the door and where you want it set. It's perfect for use in homes with large balconies or patios and homeowners wanting a sleek, modern look.

Villa Modern Pivot Entry Door with Sidelights

Another exterior door, which is typically used at the entrance of villas, consists of sizable single glass panels ( or sometimes with three glass panels, two on each side and the pivot panel in the center) and a pivot system. However, as well as providing all the same benefits as a large entrance glass pivot door, the sidelights are a lovely touch.

This is because even at night, the door looks incredible, and the way the light interacts with the glass creates a beautiful and warm welcome for guests. However, most villa doors contain a lot more wood than they do glass, creating a beamed look that's excellent for creating a natural vibe.

Frameless Glass Pivot Shower Door

A frameless door is an amazing feat of modern design since it tends to create a seamless flow of glass and paneling with very few frames or supports. This creates an incredibly modern look that's perfect for use in any home.

The main benefit of a frameless glass pivot shower door is that it creates an illusion of space. It also gives you a great view of your beautiful bathroom, which is perfect if you want to show off your stunning tile work or modern fixtures.

Since these are shower doors, they are obviously interior-orientated and typically use clear glass to maintain the idea of space, but frosted or opaque glass could be used in some circumstances.

Slide and Pivot Glass Door for Bathroom

Another bathroom pivot door, these doors are perhaps more like your traditional bathroom doors, once again used on showers, but are increasingly being used as interior bathroom doors. This creates a sense of space in the room and a sleek and modern look.

The benefits of a slide and pivot glass door are that they're incredibly easy to open and close, even if you have your hands full. They're also great for allowing light into the room and don't take up any space when opening or closing, which is perfect for small bathrooms.

Aluminum Frame Pivot Door with Glass

Basically the same as the other frame pivot doors with glass we've looked at already and provides all the same benefits, except this time the frame has been designed and constructed using aluminum materials.

This is an important design choice as it allows for a much sleeker look and is incredibly durable and corrosion-resistant. This makes it perfect for use in any home, particularly near the sea or in humid climates.

Aluminum is also considered a very lightweight material, which also makes it ideal for use in large doors where weight is a factor.

Residential Exterior Pivot Glass Front Door

Typically modern doors with large panels of glass and gray-colored frames or dividers, these doors are becoming increasingly popular as front doors for residential homes.

The benefits of a glass front door are much the same as any other type of door; they provide security, and privacy and can be very stylish. However, the main benefit of a glass front door is that it allows light into the home, which can make a big difference in terms of the feel of the property.

They are also very easy to clean and maintain and can be used in conjunction with other doors, such as sliding glass doors, to create a truly unique look for your home where light and air flow freely.

Internal Crochet Glass Pivot Door

So many homes can benefit from an internal crochet pivot door due to its unique style and clean design. While the initial design is similar to other glass pivot doors, the standout feature is usually a design that has been implemented across the glass panels or within the frame.

This could include styles like crosses or an 'x' design across the panel to create a unique look across the door, or the panels are shaped into squares and rectangles.

The benefits of an internal crochet glass door are that they provide a high level of privacy while still allowing light to flow into the room. Typically used as interior doors, you might use these doors for closets and walk-in wardrobes.


There are various types of glass pivot doors, each with its own benefits. When you're ready to install a glass pivot door in your home, be sure to consult with a professional to find the right type for your needs. Good luck, and enjoy your new glass pivot door!

July 13, 2022 — Della Wang