Sliding glass doors could be a fantastic addition to the aesthetics of your home. Now of your search you might be surprised to find out that there are so many different types of sliding glass doors in the market. Each of these glass door styles caters to its unique selling points.

There are mainly the lift and slide doors, the swinging glass doors, the tilt and slide doors, and the large sliding pocket doors. All these types of doors belong to the sliding glass door category.

Sliding doors are great when you have less space for installing a hinged door. They will not only save space; sliding doors provide an exotic style that can be applied to your home. All types of sliding doors differ in various styles, materials, and configurations. So, you better choose the right one based on your requirements.

Why Use Glass Sliding Doors?

There are a wide range of advantages to upgrading to sliding glass doors. They are very energy efficient. Modern heavy-duty insulated glass sliding doors can preserve energy more than standard doors.

On top of that, these heavy-duty tempered glasses provide solid security and safety for your home. Sliding doors also save space in any room. Hinged or pivoting doors require quite a headspace to operate.

Sliding doors are free from this inconvenience. They save tons of space and help your rooms feel more spacious or at least allow more space to keep more things.

That is why it just does not make sense to go with traditional doors in the 21st century. With the rising cost of homes, smaller homes are becoming more appealing to the average home buyer. And with sliding doors, you can make the best of small spaces.

Types of Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors come in various brands, qualities, configurations, and styles. Here's a brief look at the most common sliding glass door types.

Lift & Slide Doors

As the name describes, lift and slide doors operate via a lifting and sliding mechanism. Lift and sliding doors slide when the handle is pulled. A handle controls the complex bunch of gears that drive the door sash.

When the handle is turned, it operates the lift and side gearings. You can move the door away from its frame by using the handle. The door can be slid to the desired position.

Life and slide doors are a great choice that usually comes in two but can be up to six panels. This type of glass sliding door is considered one of the most popular designs.

Large Sliding Pocket Doors

Large sliding pocket doors are great for space management. These doors are hidden away in a cavity in the wall, known as a pocket. Large sliding pocket doors can be very convenient as the door disappears into the wall. A pocket sliding door only has a single panel and no hinges.

Large sliding pocket gates are the perfect choice for you if you are working with limited space. The door slides into the wall and can be used in a tight space if the wall is wide enough.

Swinging Glass Doors

Are you looking for a bright, illuminated room? Swinging glass doors are the answer for you! Light affects the environment and mood a lot. A bright space brings out the best ideas. Swinging glass doors with light-diffusing hinged glass doors are sure to enlighten a room.

The elegant-looking, sturdy swinging glass doors are usually made with thick tempered glass. Swinging glass doors usually use hinged or pivoting mechanisms. So, you need a headspace for using these doors.

Tilt & Slide Doors

Tilt and slide doors are very stylish as they work based on the principle of sliding glass doors and turn windows. Combining the best of both worlds, a tilt and slide door allows a superior ventilation system.

The tilting portion of the door enables this panel to lean a bit back on the top part. The sliding door panel is hinged at the bottom. You can control the whole door mechanism with the handle.

The Perfect Frame for Sliding Glass Door

Finding the perfect frame for your sliding glass door can be tricky. It would be best to consider the cost, efficiency, robustness, and looks. Considering all these, the best suggestion would be to use aluminum frames.

Aluminum is very light, attenuated, and sturdy. It is the perfect material for a frame of a sliding glass door. You can use aluminum frames to place and fit your sliding door anywhere in your home without any trouble.

Frames of aluminum are sturdy and flexible enough to equip a glass sliding door. Moreover, they allow a maximum level of insulation as well as illumination.

These frames even show an unchallenged performance and efficiency in customization and design. They are absolutely safe and excellent for use in homes. The sturdy frames can withstand bruises, stains, and rust for years and do not need to be replaced soon.

Furthermore, aluminum does not require constant maintenance. A swipe of a cleaning cloth will keep it shiny for months. It catches less dust and no rust. A sponge with water can make your door frame squeaky clean within minutes.

Different Types of Glazing

Properly glazed glass sliding doors can control or impact your home's sound and heat insulation. Hence, it is also something to be concerned about when looking for glass doors for your home. Three types of glazing are often associated with a sliding glass door:

● Double Glazing Sliding Door: This is an all-time favorite but not perfect for all situations

● Advanced Insulation Glazing Sliding Door: A low-emissivity glass that must be used carefully. It can overheat the room in hot weather.

● Triple Glazing Sliding Door: Good for energy-saving homes


There are all sorts of sliding glass doors in the market. So, it can be intimidating to pick just one from so many different types of sliding glass doors.

Here in this article, we talked about some of the most important ones to help you make an educated decision. Hopefully, you found the information in this article helpful while making your purchase. Thanks for reading till the end. And best of luck to you on renovating your home.

November 13, 2022 — Della Wang