Proper window maintenance is essential to their functionality and durability. Besides, since they are a huge investment in your home, windows that are well taken care of improve your property's value. This article covers common window maintenance practices. It also addresses the vitality of protecting your window frames, which are an important component of your window's lifespan.

Regular Cleaning

The environment directly impacts your windows and frames, meaning every window should deal with nature and harsh weather elements. A buildup of grime and dirt negatively affects window panes. Regular cleaning is not only good for them but also is the perfect opportunity to examine your windows for glazing, cracking and Low-e film degradation issues.

Maintaining Windows Films and Coating

If you have Low-e film coating on your windows, ensure you inspect and maintain the coating. The Low-e film reflects a considerable amount of radiant heat, helping maintain the temperatures inside your home. While Low-e film is durable and has a warranty, it is susceptible to degradation if improperly cleaned.

Before cleaning, read the manufacturer's instructions. Doing so ensures you do not subject the film to damage. As you clean, check out for any issues like discolouring, peeling or bubbling that could impact the film's functionality.

Taking Care of Windows Tracks

Besides your window panes, you should also clean out the tracks on the frame. This is a crucial step regardless of the material your window frames are made of. The area around the tracks is prone to moisture, dirt and debris buildup. Using clean water or a recommended cleanser helps eliminate the gunk and maintains the good condition of the window tracks.

Replacing Cracked Windows Glass

Cracked glass is a potential hazard because the windowpane's strength isn't functioning at its maximum level anymore. Unfortunately, this isn't the only thing that should worry you, as even small cracks allow air to enter and exit your home. The result is energy wastage and escalated energy bills.

Cracked glass also causes leakage of argon gas. This is particularly evident in double- or triple-paned windows that have gas injected between every pane. The proper functioning of the panes is only guaranteed with the gas.

Window Screen Maintenance and Replacement

Just like window panes, screens too deal with weather elements. Therefore, window screens can get damaged over time. Besides, they are also prone to grime and dirt buildup. To ensure they maintain their great shape, regular cleaning is imperative. You should also inspect them for any tears or rips and, when necessary, replace them. Remember to examine the spline that keeps the screen in position, as it can also degrade over time and require a replacement.

Caulking and Sealing Windows

As you clean your windows, inspect the places around the frame thoroughly. Be on the lookout for open crevices, holes or cracks that require sealing with caulk. If air moves in and out of these openings, it could affect your home’s home efficiency. Furthermore, these openings can also allow moisture entry, resulting in wood rot, mildew and mold. Another way to prevent the costs associated with moisture buildup and air seepages is replacing the weather stripping at every window. Weather stripping, like any other material, encounters harsh weather and can degrade over time.

Dealing With Condensation

Most condensation results from the humidity levels in your home. Exterior condensation happens when a warmer day precedes a cool night. This is common during the fall or spring. This condensation shouldn't raise the alarm, as it indicates your window is functioning properly.

On the other hand, interior condensation results from excessive humidity levels in your home. Warmer air carries more moisture, and it is cooled once it interacts with a colder surface. The moisture is released in the form of condensation.

Here are tips to help you handle the condensation problem in your home:

• Keep your windows open most of the time to allow the humidity to get outside

• Use a dehumidifier to get rid of most of the humidity

• Vent your gas burner and clothes dryer outside

• Use the exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen

Window Frames Maintenance

If you have vinyl-clad or wood windows, you should take window frame maintenance even more seriously. While many residences feature wood frames, this choice isn’t a good investment if your residence is prone to snow and heavy rain. Wood or wood-clad frames require a regular maintenance routine to ensure no open seams or leaks that require caulking.

Moisture buildup in wood left for soo long or unrepaired crevices results in mildew and mold and, ultimately, wood rot. Once wood rot occurs, what is left behind is a degraded frame that should be eliminated and replaced.

You can use warm water ad soap or non-abrasive cleansers to clean aluminium, vinyl or fiberglass frame. Doing so helps improve their longevity.

Cleaning and Lubricating the Tracks

Lubricating your window tracks and any moving parts ensures that your window opens and closes easily. Enquire from the manufacturer about whether you can use a lubricant on the moving parts of your window frame. If they recommend so, follow their instructions, so you don't damage the window mechanism.

Before cleaning, remove any dust and dirt from the sills, frames and tracks. Use a soft brush attachment for this. Dust buildup could be what is making your windows stick.

Investing in Storm Windows

Installing storm windows is ideal if you wish to shield your windows from wear and tear. These windows are usually installed on the outside to shield your regular windows from damage resulting from weather elements. This is the way to go if you live in a storm-prone area.

Storm windows can be made from plastic panes, glass or plastic sheets. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you can install them permanently or temporarily. Besides maintaining your windows, they come with extra protection, thermal insulation and soundproofing.


Proper window maintenance means improved energy efficiency, conservation, and elimination of expensive window replacements. From the tracks and screens to the frames, each part of your window should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure durability.

December 04, 2022 — Della Wang