If you’ve been wanting to add a touch of natural vibe to your decor, sliding patio doors are the way to go. It can dramatically increase the visual appeal and market value of your home while also enhancing the ventilation and air quality.

However, choosing sliding patio doors can be a bit challenging given there are so many options to choose from. Plus, you will find various types of advice from different manufacturers. So, here are a few guidelines for your help.

 Standard Size(in")
Width Height Size
96 80, 84, 96 96x80, 96x84, 96x96
120 80, 96 120x80, 120x96
144 96 144x96
96 * *
108 * *
120 * *


 Standard Size(ft')
Width Height Size
8 6 1/2, 7, 8 8x6 1/2, 8x7, 8x8
10 8, 9 10x8, 10x9
12 8 12x8
9 * *
10 * *


How To Choose Sliding Patio Door Glass?

When choosing a sliding patio door, two important things should be on your mind. First, consider if the door's design matches your home's style. Second, you have to think about the material.

Make Sure The Door Matches Your Home

Your sliding patio door must match your home's architecture. For instance, if you have classic (non-modern) architecture, you should go for a door with an elegant design. Meanwhile, you can use larger and more recent styles with modern homes.

The goal is to let the door blend in with the surroundings. You don’t want it to stick out and grab unwanted attention. That way, even the best sliding patio door will look out of place.

You should also consider the space in the area of installation. For example, a four-panel sliding door will require more space. Also, consider the furniture and other items you keep in that area.

Choice Of Material

When choosing the material for your door, two things matter most. Firstly, is the material of your door easy to maintain? For instance, aluminum doors seldom require repairing. In comparison, wooden doors will need regular touch-ups for minor damage.

Another consideration should be energy efficiency. For instance, low-E glass and tainted or decorative glass can help reduce the amount of solar heat the sliding door absorbs into your home. As a result, your electric bills will be lower. Plus, the thermal environment of your home will be healthy.

What Kind Of Materials Does A Sliding Patio Door Frame Have?

Sliding patio doors can have various kinds of frames. Among them, wood and steel are the most common. However, fiberglass frames are also trending. Usually, sliding door frames are a combination of multiple materials. For instance, a wooden door might have steel fittings.


If you maintain a wooden frame correctly, it can last for a long time. Plus, it has a classic and natural look. These are the two reasons homeowners prefer wooden frames for sliding patio doors.

However, wooden frames are comparatively more vulnerable to damage than other materials. For instance, it is pretty easy to scratch them. So, be ready for regular repairs if you choose a wooden frame.

Red and white oak, poplar, ash, and Hickory are some of the woods used in sliding patio door frames. Among these, red oak is the most durable one. If you want a heavy and hard appearance, then go for Hickory. Poplar is good if you plan to paint. It is very accepting of paints and is also relatively cheap.

Fiberglass Composite Material

Fiberglass is a clean and modern material for your sliding door frame. The material can withstand almost all kinds of natural forces, making for highly durable sliding door frames.

A fiberglass door is resistant to dents and scratches. Unlike wood, it won't shrink or swell due to temperature changes. Plus, they are energy efficient and require very little maintenance. You can find fiberglass composite material frames at a moderate price.

Steel And Aluminum

Aluminum doors are lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. Plus, they can save you a lot of money. You can get a cheap aluminum sliding door frame and still expect years of durability. However, the same doesn't apply to materials like wood. You either have to get the best or at least a moderate quality.

If you are looking for a sturdier material, choose steel frames. These are usually galvanized steel with a foam core in between. They may also have a polymer or vinyl coating. If designed correctly, steel doors can have the same elegant appearance as wooden doors.

The advantage of Aluminum frames is that they are resistant to rust. This is why they are ideal for your patio door, as it is in contact with the outdoors a lot. Meanwhile, steel frames might make a bolder statement. But watch out for the rust.

Other Options And Upgrades

You usually get three options when it comes to choosing a sliding door. You can go for the standard sliding door, which is pretty common. Or you can go for more complex designs like a four-panel or pocket sliding door.


Standard sliding doors are two-panel doors. One of the two panels moves, and the other one's stationery. The tracks on which the movable panel slides run along the stationary panel's top and bottom.

Four-panel doors are what they sound like. The doors have four panels. Two of them move, and the others are fixed. In this case, the sliding panels overlap and make for a wide entrance.

Pocket sliding doors disappear into a wall pocket when you open them. This means they can completely open up and create a genuinely unblocked entry.


You can easily enhance the presence of your sliding patio door by getting windows with double panes and sliding blinds. You can match the style and material of the window panes with your sliding door's frame.

To make your sliding door sturdier, you can upgrade to all-weather or hurricane-grade laminated glass. You can also look into the various energy-efficient glass options.

Sliding Patio Door Benefits

Some of the benefits of sliding doors are pretty obvious. For instance, it improves the appearance of your home and connects you more with the outdoors. Other advantages include-

The convenience of movement: People would want to move freely between your home and the patio during a family gathering or any other event. Here, sliding doors can provide ease of movement and make it comfortable for your guest.

Natural light: Are you looking to enhance the flow of natural light and energy into your home? Well, sliding patio doors are the easiest way to make that happen. Instead of making significant architectural changes to your home, you are just installing a new door.

Energy efficiency: Almost all decent manufacturers offer their sliding patio doors in energy-efficient materials. This helps to protect the internal environment from trapping solar heat. As a result, your energy bills become smaller.

Increase home value: A patio door is a simple installation. Still, it can be considered a significant upgrade to your home. And if you get some matching sliding window panes, it can easily increase the house's value when you try to sell it.

Safety: A locked sliding door is tough to open. Take extra measures with the lock, and you can easily make a sliding door fully burglar-proof. Plus, being a glass door, it gives you more visibility of the outside world. So, when your kids are playing outside, you can actively keep an eye on them.

French Doors - Another Good Choice

French doors are an excellent option for patio doors too. These are essentially two side-hinged doors that swing to open and close. They also tend to have beautiful grilles. You might consider them for your patio door if your room has several windows and permits adequate space to swing open.

However, if you have space limitations, go for single-hinged french doors. You can either get an in-swing or an out-swing. An in-swing door will open towards your room. In comparison, an out-swing door will open towards the patio.

You can also get a sliding french door for your patio. These are usually four-paneled sliding doors. In this design, three panels move, and one is stationary. All the movable panels can stack up on the fixed door. Unlike hinged french doors, they take less space and are more modern.


Sliding patio doors can work wonderfully for homeowners. Not only are you bringing more style and comfort to your home, but you are also saving the environment and increasing property value.

Don't forget to clean the door's tracks and apply some lubricant now and then.

September 20, 2022 — Della Wang