A home is incomplete without proper decoration. We choose the best-looking floorboards, doors, and curtains for our homes. But many people tend to overlook a very simple material that can take the decor of a house a notch higher, which is window frames. Choosing the perfect window frame can enhance the aesthetic of your home. So, what are the different types of window frames?

There are mainly five different kinds of window frames. They are made of a variety of materials, each with its advantages and drawbacks. . The five different types of window frames include wooden, vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and aluminum frames.

A lot of people add window frames to spruce up their houses. So, if you are someone who is planning to add window frames to the house, look no further! We will go through the types of window frames and their attributes in detail. So, continue reading the article if you would like to learn more.

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The 5 Best Types Of Window Frames

As stated before, there are five types of window frames. If you are confused about which one to choose, you should consider a few things. The rigidity, the look, and how well it can withstand temperatures. Below, we will be going over these in detail for better understanding –

Wooden Frame

The wooden window frame is the traditional choice for most homes. You can never go wrong with a good wooden frame, as it is considered reliable. Other than giving your house a rustic and traditional look, it is also a good first choice. The wooden frames will cost you around $600-$1275. A higher price will get you better quality.

Wooden window frames are paintable, so you can color them as you wish. It is made out of wood, so it will have a wood-like profile. These are available with wood-clad interiors. Furthermore, it will not stick due to expansion from heat. Truly, this is the first solid choice. Since it is made out of wood, it provides good insulation and is eco-friendly.

Despite these, there are some drawbacks. Wooden frames are prone to cracking after many years. So, at some point, you will have to repair or replace the window frames. Additionally, they are prone to bending or wrapping around things. Thus, it will look worse as time goes by. Unlike other frames, wooden frames will not peel.

Vinyl Frame

Vinyl window frames are the trendy new ones. These can look good in any modern home. It also gives your house a more minimalistic feel. Vinyl windows are a lot cheaper than wooden frames. They go around for $260-$550. And with proper care, they can last for more than 20 years!

Unlike wooden frames, vinyl frames are not paintable. Since they are covered in vinyl. Nonetheless, these frames will not crack, peel, or even bend. It gives windows a wood window-like profile. It will not expand or contract in changing weather conditions either.

As vinyl frames are the cheapest of all the frames, many people upgrade them. The reason behind that is that this frame is not very durable. They are prone to breaking or getting damaged with time.

Fiberglass Frame

Fiberglass frames are the best and the least common type of window frame. Despite this, it has grown in popularity in recent years. Its price range is around $340-$720 which makes it a solid contender against the more popular vinyl windows. Not only that, it is much more durable and appealing than the vinyl frames as well.

Fiberglass windows are resistant to cracking, peeling, bending, and wrapping. That makes it the most durable of all the other window frame options. It is also paintable and does not expand or contract due to weather changes. It is very energy efficient and can last up to 80 years with proper care.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum window frames cost between $310-$655. The material is sturdy and resists weather. This is the best way to go for a modern-style home. It requires very little maintenance and can last up to 50 years with proper care.

Aluminum frames are long-lasting. They will not crack, peel, bend, or wrap. And they are paintable, so you can change the color to match your home. They let in a lot of sunlight and are very low-maintenance. It will not wear out, form mold, or rot, unlike wooden frames.

Should You Replace Or Repair Window Frames?

Replacing or repairing window frames is a confusing topic. Different people have different opinions on this. But it is much easier than most people think. Figuring out which option to go for and knowing what is best is a must. Choosing the wrong option can cost you much more than you would like to spend. Here is a simple explanation of what to do in certain situations.

When To Repair

First, if your window glass is cracked or broken, then it is best to just repair the window frame. It will cost much less. Second, if you see that there are little water leaks or a damaged exterior drip cap, repair it. If you have a single-pain window and its mullions are broken, repair it right away.

Another good time to repair is if you see your windows are stuck or moving slowly. Repairing is a better option than replacing the whole window frame in this case. Finally, if you have a bad-quality exterior window casing, repair it.

When To Replace

There are certain situations where you have to replace your window frames. Repairing is no longer an option. First, if you see that your windows are fogging up, it means your window frame needs to be replaced. Foggy windows mean that water has leaked in. As a result, condensation is happening inside the windows. So, replacing it is a must.

Second, bad-quality interior mullions mean you need to replace them. If you see structural problems, it is best to replace them as soon as possible. It can cause major damage later on. It is better to be safe than sorry. Finally, if you see major water leaks, replace window frames to fix this.


To conclude, by now you should know about the different types of window frames. This newfound knowledge can help you choose the best one according to your style. A matching window frame can help pop out the true beauty of a home.

If you were confused between repairing or replacing, you know what to do now too! Thank you for reading this article!

October 30, 2022 — Della Wang