Double pane windows are an option worth considering, and this article explains why you need double pane windows.

For ages, single pane windows have been widely used, but of late, everyone is looking for more energy efficient solutions. With the increased sensitization on creating healthier environments, double pane windows have become a more cost effective way to reduce energy use in buildings.

Double Pane Windows Installation and Replacement

A double window pane is a glass of two layers separated by a layer of insulating gas or vacuum. The gas trapped between the glass layers lowers the heat transfer rate. It, therefore, keeps the home warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather. Double pane windows are also called dual pane windows or Insulated Glass units (IGU).

Because of the insulation between the glass panes, double pane windows help reduce heat loss and gain and noise.

Why Choose Double Pane Windows

It is estimated that windows and doors account for 70% of energy loss, while the type of glass used in windows accounts for 90% of heat loss. The internal temperature of your home is significantly impacted by poor insulation. Double pane windows contribute to energy efficiency as they prevent heat loss from your home's interior when it is cold and prevent warmer air from entering the space when it is hotter.

Here are the advantages of installing double pane windows:

● The added insulation makes double pane windows more energy efficient and can reduce energy usage by up to 18% in summer and 24% in winter, reducing your energy bills.

● The insulation also helps to stabilize the temperature inside your home. When cold air is locked out, your space remains warm and cool when the temperatures outside rise.

● Using less energy contributes to a better environment of fewer greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

● The double pane provides a thicker barrier between your house and exterior. The barrier keeps out unwanted noises and prevents noises emanating in your house from getting out.

● With all the benefits of double pane windows, they are a desirable feature that adds value to your home, making it more attractive to property buyers.

Double-pane windows have numerous advantages, and come in numerous styles and designs, whether you're constructing a new house or planning to replace the windows in your existing one.

How to Install or Replace a Double Pane Window

Nowadays, a double pane window is a standard for modern homes and other building constructions. The installation of new double pane windows is standard for any other type of window. However, if your home is one of the old designs, they probably still have single pane windows, and you might want to upgrade to double pane windows. You could also have double pane windows that have lasted a long time. The windows begin to lose efficiency because of a broken seal between the glass and a damaged frame or glass.

Signs that your double pane window needs a replacement.

In between the glass panes of a double pane window is a desiccant, a moisture-absorbent substance used to space the panes and seal the window to keep the interior air chambers from leaking. If your panes have exhausted their useful life, there will be tell-tale signs that make you know that the seal is broken and your windows are up for a window replacement.

● Condensation builds up between the glass layers. The condensation will present a milky or smoky appearance on the glass. Condensation is a sign of a broken seal that allows outdoor air into the glass, and the temperature difference causes moisture build-up.

● Outside noises become more noticeable indoors. It is hard to silence all the noises coming from outside, but double pane windows reduce unwanted sounds when the seal is still intact. However, as double pane windows age, you begin to hear noises from the outside more clearly.

● Higher energy bills. Condensation may take longer to notice, but the first indicator of a faulty double pane window is increased electric or gas bill expenditure.

● Another obvious sign that double pane windows need replacement is visible damage on double pane windows like cracks, broken frames or grills.

With windows accounting for a significant percentage of residential heat loss, it is essential to always be on the lookout for any irregularities, like the ones mentioned above, and schedule a window replacement.

How to replace a double pane window

If your double window shows signs of a broken seal and damage, it is advisable to get in touch with an expert glass or window fixer to replace the damaged window. You can also do it yourself following the following steps:

● If you are replacing the entire window, you first have to carefully take out the old window starting with the panes and moving on to the casing, trim and sill plate.

● Removing an old window leaves a rough and dirty surface with buildup that needs to be cleaned before installing the new double-pane window. Start by cleaning off all dirt from the surface and clearing the debris. Next, you should replace or replace any broken or damaged lumber material. The last step before fixing the new double-pane window is to ensure the window opening is clean, level and square to receive the new window. Ensure the new window will fit into the window opening by measuring and adjusting by resizing.

● Install the new double pane window following the manufacturer's instructions. Make adjustments where necessary and ensure the window sits perfectly.

● Finish the window replacement by spraying insulation to any gaps around the window frame and replacing any siding, trim or casing.

Even though double-pane windows cost extra, most homeowners might choose to install them since they keep your home insulated during the chilly winter and sweltering summer months. Double pane windows are worth an investment if you need to upgrade old ones.

August 09, 2022 — Della Wang