Each year, U.S properties experience hurricane season. In such occurrences, both residential and commercial properties are often susceptible to damage. Therefore, if you live in a hurricane-prone region, it is always essential to be ready for hurricanes. In this article, we discuss one of the ways of always being prepared: installing impact windows. From increased ROI to 24/7 protection, we outline some benefits of impact windows.

Impact windows are commonly referred to as storm or hurricane windows. Unlike traditional, single-pane windows, these windows have a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) layer pressed between glass panes. These serve to prevent the window from shattering upon impact by flying storm debris. However, in more furious storms, the glass could break. Even if this happens, the glass sticks to the PVB layer instead of getting scattered across the floor.

Are impact windows a good investment? Absolutely yes. Here are some of the reasons to convince you.

Natural Light

These windows have an aesthetic advantage since they resemble and function like normal ones. They are sleek, streamlined, and clean. Therefore, you won’t have to bear with keeping the ugly metal hurricane panels up all year long. Also, you need not worry about them blocking off natural light and casting shadows in your home. Just like traditional windows, they allow natural light.

Reduce Damage Costs

When dealing with impact windows, there are two important terms you should be familiar with–Performance Grade (PG) and Design Pressure (DP). Knowing this impact window rating scale helps you establish the kind of storm protection to expect from a particular window type.

Design Pressure (DP) represents your window's ability to withstand wind pressure. The rating is symbolized by a number and incorporates three criteria: structural load, water penetration, and air pressure. The larger the number, the better the resistance.

During design, all impact windows undergo a pressure test that sees to it that the windows hold even during the most dangerous storms. Because impact windows are rated differently depending on how they perform in various categories, there are different types of impact windows to choose from. Therefore, the type of window you select greatly determines the extent of protection your windows provide during storms.

Increase Home Value

Generally, installing new windows increases the value of your home. Because new windows look nicer and may be more energy efficient, potential home buyers will be willing to spend extra money on a home with new windows.

According to realtors in the home improvement industry, impact windows offer the highest returns on investment. Homeowners can expect about 86% 'of the original installation price reflected in their selling price when they list their homes. For instance, if you spend $3,000 on installing impact windows, you are looking at $2,000 to $2,500 of this cost in your home’s sale price. Installing impact windows further increases this value because they are better at insulating your home. As a result, you make a lot of energy savings.

Also, since these windows are tailored to withstand strong winds and not break easily upon impact, people inside your home will feel better protected against intruders and severe weather. After factoring in these additional benefits, you will find that impact windows broadly appeal to home buyers and homeowners.

Lower Energy Costs

Another advantage of installing impact windows is because of their efficiency in managing extreme temperature changes. This is why most of them are rated as low emissivity impact windows. Even if external temperatures drastically increase or reduce, the insulating properties will help maintain a consistent internal temperature. This way, you won’t have to overwork your HVAC system to ensure a comfortable temperature inside the house. Consequently, the electric and gas costs will be lower, enabling you to save on energy year-in-year-out.

Insurance Benefits

Installing impact windows also reduces the cost of homeowner's insurance. This, in turn, can become a major selling point later on. As aforementioned, impact windows reduce the risk of storm damage to your home. Insurance companies view impact windows as an incredible safety measure during the storm season. Because of this, your insurance provider may offer incentives and even substantial policy discounts to homeowners that have installed impact windows.

Tax Credit Potential

Another reason why many homeowners are installing impact windows is to take advantage of tax credits which are different for every state and change from year to year. If your impact windows meet Energy Star Standards, you may be entitled to some tax credit. Homeowners may be eligible for this credit whether they do a full or partial window replacement.

Peace of Mind

Besides impact windows adding extra protection to your home, they are also convenient. The fact that you no longer have to deal with accordion shutters and heavy hurricane panels that require regular maintenance lifts a burden off your shoulders. For this reason, you could be far away from home and not need to worry as a hurricane approaches, as you’ll be sure your home is well-guarded.

Noise Reduction

While impact windows cannot completely shut off external noises, they significantly reduce the noise levels from the outside. So, if you live near a busy market, school, or road, installing impact windows plays a huge role in ensuring calmness inside your home.

Tips for Getting a Good Impact Window Company

If you have finally decided to install impact windows, you will need a reputable glass specialist for the supply and fixing. Here are tips to consider during your selection:

· Find out if they are offering warranties

· Be aware of circumstances that could void the warranties

· Read reviews of the company

· Ask the company to estimate the time the installation will take

· Go and see the product for yourself and compare it to others


From improving your home aesthetics to energy cost savings and offering insurance benefits, several benefits accrue from installing impact-resistant windows. Additionally, these windows shield you from severe weather and unwelcome visitors. If you were uncertain whether getting impact windows is worth it, the above reasons should change your mind.

September 02, 2022 — Della Wang