What Size Header is Needed For A Window?

What Size Header is Needed For A Window?

Headers make the openings of windows and doors. They perform an essential structural function of collecting and distributing the weight above windows and doors to nearby studs because they cannot support weight other than their own.

Headers maintain the structural integrity of the building, so it is critical to size the header correctly. Let's look at how we can select the correct header size for our windows.

What Is A Window Header?

The top of the window casing has support called a window header. Typically it is twice the thickness of the framing components of the window.

The header provides additional support by spanning horizontally across the top of the window casing, preventing the wall's entire weight from resting on the window casing. These structural components let us add windows and openings without weakening the walls.

Headers act as bridges. The king studs and jack studs (trimmers) are the vertical pillars at each end of the header.

Most wood-framed buildings use dimensional lumber installed on the edge for the headers. The trimmers that butt immediately below the header and the king studs fastened into each header's ends create a solid vertical support column.

Together, the headers, king studs, and trimmers carry weight from the ceiling to the floor and foundation below and around window and door openings. They take the weight of the materials above them to the floors and foundations below via the trimmers.

Larger headers are needed for longer apertures. Small headers will bow downward, making it challenging to operate windows and doors. They will also damage trim and crack drywall.

Common Window Header Sizes

Getting the correct size of the window header is essential for ensuring the structural integrity of your building and for a smooth window opening. Its size depends on what the header needs to support.

If your header is different from the suitable size, it could be challenging to open and shut the window, and if you frame glass, there's a danger that it will break.

Window headers are often made of 2 segments of dimensional sawn lumber, such as Laminated Veneer lumber (LVL) or Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam). Window header thickness, similar to components utilized in wall systems, is constrained by the wall's depth.

In most wall systems, 2-by-4-inch thick lumbers are used, which are 3-1/2 inches wide. You can obtain more strength by employing thicker beams, but it is not practical as the wall's 3-1/2 inches depth needs to be maintained, so instead, we have to use higher and broader pieces of lumber.

Window Span: 3 Feet

Two 2-by-4 or one 4-by-4 piece of lumber is used for approximately 36 inches or less spanned windows. A 24-inch to 34-inch range of windows is typical; it is the size of most used window headers.

Window span: 4 Feet, 6 Inches

Two 2-by-6-inch sides of window header are used for more expansive windows that span 4 feet, 6 inches, or less. It is a quite often used window span as many are in the 45-50 inch range.

Window Span: 5 Feet, 9 Inches

Two 2-by-8 pieces of lumber are used for windows that span 5 feet and 9 inches.

Factors That Change Header Sizes

These guidelines for the sizes of window headers are for single-story buildings 20 feet wide. More expansive facilities have shorter window header spans.

Window header sizes can also change due to heavy snowfall or other circumstances. Because of this, it's crucial to follow all development to local codes.

The following factors should be considered that can affect the header size:

• The door or window opening’s length

• The weight of the walls, floors, and roofs above

• The width of the building

• The amount of snowfall in the area

• Whether it is a non-bearing wall (having parallel running rafters, beams, and trusses) or a bearing wall (having resting rafters, joists, and trusses)

• Whether the wall is an exterior-bearing wall or an interior-bearing wall

• Type of wood used

While framing a window, calculating the header size becomes more challenging. To be extra cautious, some contractors would overbuild the window header. For French doors or 6-foot patio and 4-foot wide window openings, a pair of 2-by-12 placed side by side is customary.

Over-building will marginally raise the price. The increase in thermal bridging between the inside and the outside is one drawback.

Using Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) For Window Headers

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a composite wood product made from many thin layers of wood stacked together. Edge-forming material, rim board, beams, and headers are usually made from it.

Larger beams are produced with laminated veneer lumber by layering thin veneers together. The layers are bonded together, and intense pressure is applied in the machine until they connect. As a uniform and dimensionally stable building material, LVL is suitable for bearing and non-bearing walls.

LVL has several benefits over standard milled lumber. It is straighter, more uniform, and stronger. It is far less prone to twist, warp, shrink or bow than regular lumber because of its composite structure. It has more significant permissible stress than sawn lumber.

Glulam beams are another kind of LVL. The full-sized lumber is bonded under tremendous pressure to create beams in Glulam. LVL can also be utilized with Glulam as an outside glulam tension lam to strengthen the glulam beam.

LVL is a very dependable building material that offers many of the same qualities as large-sized timbers. LVL is stronger and more rigid than typical sawn dimensional lumber. When there are vast spans, as there are for garage door headers or French doors, LVL is valuable.

LVL is more expensive, so it is preferred for wide window headers, i.e., 6 feet or larger. Sawn lumber can easily bridge smaller windows, which is cheaper than LVL.

Final Thoughts

Correct sizing and selection of material for headers are essential to ensure the strength of walls.

Local factors that affect the sizing should be considered to make headers long-lasting. Larger windows need larger and stronger headers and vice versa.

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Why Proper Replacement Window Installation Matters?

Why Proper Replacement Window Installation Matters?

Knowing when it is time to replace your windows is essential. Old windows can have mould growing on them. However, when replacing, you need to do it properly. This guide will be all about why proper replacement window installation matters.

Improper installation can cause HVAC systems to work inefficiently. Moreover, damaged windows are a money pit. Over time, that can add to the costs. Here is all you need to know about window installation.

Why Installation Matters?

Your windows do more than bring your home's aesthetic together. It keeps the cold out and the warmth in. If your windows are not installed properly, they will be unable to do their job correctly. That is why proper windows installation matters.

Poorly installed windows let moisture seep in. Excess moisture is harmful to you and your walls. Moreover, your house's structural rigidity can also be compromised. There are tons of online DIY tutorials on window installation.

However, those tutorials sometimes make window installation too easy. If you know what you are doing, installing the windows yourself is okay.

But you could face problems if you install it incorrectly. You could have simple gaps to severe issues like completely non-functional windows.

Gaps around your windows can cause drafts. And you know what that means? Ridiculous utility bills. Apart from that, poorly installed windows do not even look that good. You would always have a ghastly view whenever you look out your windows.

And let us tell you, it can get annoying after a while. Your house will lose its symmetry. In addition, the wrong size and installation lead to condensation build-up. These are eye sore as well.

Assess the Old Windows and Confirm and Size

Installing new windows is about more than just buying new windows. You need to measure the old ones. And then buy new ones that match the exact size. That is why you should always have a professional assess your old windows.

They can tell you the exact size of windows you need. We have to stress checking the size and fit beforehand. Otherwise, if you install the wrong size windows, you will need to remove the whole thing and start over.

As a result, it will cost you more. Not to mention it will save much more time as well. Improper fit can also result in all the annoyances we mentioned earlier: high bills, poor thermal performance, and an unappealing look.

Execute a Careful Placement

When installing new windows, placement is essential as well. Therefore, your window installer should also check this. When installing new windows, the previous ones need to be removed carefully.

The window sash, trim, and frame all need to go. Then you can install a new one in place. After installation, it is vital to check for correct placement. The proper placement will seal the windows and allow them to sit on the frame seamlessly.

Check for Code Compliance

Then there is the legal aspect of window installation. Code compliance is super important. Different areas might have different laws. So, it is essential to check beforehand. Otherwise, you might have trouble later on.

Code compliance is not something you can avoid. That is why it is better to think about it right when picking out new windows.

However, the benefit of working with professional technicians is that they know all about code compliance.

So, it is not something you need to worry about. Technicians will be trained to ensure the installation is up to code. Code compliance is something you should check even before buying new windows.

Features Of A Good Window Manufacturer

Here is the good news, finding a quality window manufacturer for your window replacements is relatively easy.

You can get the best experience by working with reputable companies. To find the right window company, you must remember a few things.

Certifications and Expertise

The very first thing you should look for is certifications and expertise. These are things companies cannot fake. As a result, you can trust companies with the proper certifications. As for expertise, the more, the better.

Companies with lots of expertise mean they have skilled technicians. In addition, they will be well-trained and also know the nuances of proper window installation. Stressing about proper windows installation is only possible if your technician knows it.

Installation Process

When you are choosing a company for windows installation, it pays to ask them about it. Reputed companies will have a polished and well-laid-out process. Ask them to take you through it.

They would be happy to do it. Moreover, you will also get a feel for how it will all go when you start working with them.

Product Catalogue

A comprehensive product catalog is great for choice. The more choices there are, the better fit you will find. Therefore, you should look for a company with many window designs and types.

That way, you can match window styles to your house décor. This is important for a cohesive look and feel. The last thing you want is to have windows that feel out of place.


Along with a rich catalog, certificates, and expertise, warranties are important too! It will give you some peace of mind. The windows themselves should come with manufacturer warranties by default.

However, look for any installation warranties. Warranties of installation hold the company liable for any defectively installed windows. At least for the warranty period.

Customer Service

It isn't easy to understand a company's customer service without purchasing something. However, you can gauge it to some extent through your initial interactions. Pay attention to how they treat you.

How do they act when you inquire about products and question them? These small things can give insights into their customer service values. Customer service is essential.

Find Top Quality Window Companies

We at Warren can confidently claim to be one of the best window manufacturing companies in the industry. Located in China Beijing, we are one of the top global exporters of windows.

Since 2012 we have been producing the best windows using the most high-quality products and advanced manufacturing procedures. We also focus on following environment-friendly manufacturing methods as well.

Our products have served over 350,000 families. And that number is a testament to our dedication to quality.

Currently, we are still pursuing our goal of delivering premium quality products at budget costs to homeowners worldwide. And we eagerly await for you to join us in this venture. So, if you are looking for window replacements, be sure to contact us for a free quote.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know why proper replacement window installation matters, find the best company to work with. Ensure that they have a proper process for window installation. And you should look for code compliance as well.

Thanks for stopping by. And we hope this article could answer all your queries about replacing windows.

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What Do You Need To Know About Glass Garage Doors?

What Do You Need To Know About Glass Garage Doors?

The popularity of glass garage doors reflects the growing trend of contemporary garage doors. They allow for the far more significant expression of individuality in the exterior of your property. Glass garage doors have quickly risen to the top and introduced an entirely new aesthetic to the market.

Read the article if you need to know all about the benefits of a glass garage door, its type, how to choose the right one, and how to maintain the looks of your glass garage door.

Benefits Of Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors stand out because of their uniqueness, elegance, and modernity. We have gathered some of the benefits of glass garage doors.

1. Garage Doors Are Not Just Glass

Several materials are used to make glass garage doors, like aluminum, steel, or fiberglass insert to hold the glass in place.

Even in frameless designs, glass panels are typically attached to aluminum frames. The frameworks ensure the doors won't wobble or break under use.

2. Choices To Let You Enjoy Your Privacy

Your garage will be showered with natural light if you install clear glass garage doors, but you can get the style you want while maintaining the privacy you require by choosing opaque or tinted glass.

3. Aesthetic And Appealing Look

Your garage will have a much more welcoming and spacious feel if you let in some natural light. When you improve the aesthetics of your garage, you can not only use it for storing your vehicle but also converted it into functional spaces such as offices, studios, and even gyms.

4. Low Maintenance

Glass garage doors are durable and sturdy due to their aluminum frames. The glass panels are held securely by the door's sturdy frame, which is more robust than traditional door materials. Doing so strengthens the glass and is less likely to shatter under pressure

5. Customization

You can alter the appearance of glass garage doors to suit your preferences.

Modifying the frame is just one option. You can go on and play with the choice of colors and surface coating and the possibility of switching out the glass for something more attractive to you, such as frosted, tinted, opaque, or clear glass.

6. Less Energy Consumption, Save More Money

Using less artificial lighting in your garage can help you save money on your electricity charges. Various insulation options are available for glass garage doors, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Types Of Glass Garage Door

Glass garage doors are among the most flexible options available today. Following are the types of glass garage doors.

1. Single-Panel Glass Garage Door

Single-panel glass door is the best pick due to its contemporary design. Tempered safety glass, used for these doors, is thicker and more durable than regular glass.

2. Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors often include two or more glass panels, and the space between them is filled with an insulating material. This door style is popular in regions with extreme summer or winter temperatures.

3. Lite-Block Glass Garage Door

Lite-block glass garage doors are constructed from several opaque glass panels with air gaps between them and the frame. When paired with a reliable locking mechanism, these doors can be secure while allowing complete seclusion.

4. Frosted Glass Garage Doors

Garage doors with frosted glass use frosted or etched glass panels instead of clear ones. It is preferable due to its refined simplicity and timeless beauty.

5. Bifold And Trifold Option

When opened, bifold or trifold glass garage doors collapse, creating an airy, open space within the garage. Sliding panels or hinges that allow the door to swing in or out are common elements of this type of door.

How To Choose The Right Glass Garage Door For Your Needs

There are the following considerations besides aesthetics when selecting for a new glass garage door.

1. Select A Professional Dealer

Keep away from an inexperienced dealer. Ask around for recommendations. Look up the companies with lots of experience under their belt. Since the company has been around for so long, its employees deeply understand the various environmental factors that should be considered when choosing a garage door.

2. Prefer Your Style And Looks

Garage door styles come in a wide variety, from the most basic doors to those with elaborate details to complement specific types of architecture. It's crucial to pick a design that complements the rest of your house. Consider the garage door as an opportunity to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Relax and survey the street in front of your house. What about the door's design or color scheme that doesn't work with the rest of your home? Should the door be understated and merged with the exterior or have a unique look? Considering these details can assist in selecting a specific style.

3. Safety Features

It's important to keep extra safety features in mind. Garage doors with built-in pinch protection keep fingers from being jammed when closed.

The garage door's balancing cables need to be tautly pulled to function. Bottom brackets designed to resist loosening guarantee constant stress on the wires. Adjusting these brackets by a professional is occasionally necessary to avoid significant injury.

4. Check The Insulation

Even though a garage isn't technically a part of a house, having a well-insulated door is essential if you have an attached garage. It can be helpful to the comfort of adjoining rooms. A comfortable working environment is achieved by maintaining a constant temperature throughout the building.

How To Maintain The Glass Garage Door?

Glass garage doors are a popular option among many homeowners. However, glass doors need extra maintenance to preserve their pristine appearance.

Following are some suggestions for maintaining your glass door:

● Clean both the interior and outside of the door regularly.

● Use a gentle soap and water combination to wash away grime or dirt.

● Make sure to give the door a thorough rinsing to eliminate any leftover cleaner.

● Use a transparent sealer or wax to protect the door from the sun's UV rays.

The protection offered by this method will reduce discoloration and fading over time. Make it a habit to inspect the door for flaws regularly. If you see a problem, fix it immediately, so it doesn't get worse.

Final Thoughts

Glass garage doors are popular among homeowners to maximize natural light and streamline their building's design.

They let in lots of natural light and offer a contemporary touch to the exterior of your home.

However, you must ensure research before settling on a glassmaker and design, and check for safety.

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What You Need to Know About Beveled Glass

What You Need to Know About Beveled Glass

Are you looking to add an element of sophistication to your home? Using beveled glass could be an excellent choice!

This type of glass adds a touch of old-world charm & elegance to any space.

Whether it's used in doors or windows, mirrors or light fixtures, beveled glass can transform a room like nothing else.

But before you make the purchase, there are a few things you should know about this beautiful decor element. In this blog post we'll discuss what truly makes beveled glass so special and why it could be the perfect addition to your renovation project!

What Is A Beveled Glass Window?

As the name suggests, beveled glass is made by creating a bevel cut on the sides of the glass. The cut is made at an angle to the edges of the glass, giving the edges a softer look. These pieces of glass may then be stained or left as their original color to be placed in any unique arrangement for a window.

Beveled glass windows come in various shapes, designs, and styles. While the shapes and designs of this type of window are almost unlimited, the significant kinds of this type of glass can be divided into two types. These include clear beveled glass windows and colored beveled glass windows.

Clear Beveled Glass Windows

This is the type of glass window where the clear natural style of glass is not altered. A beveled cut is made on the clear glass’s edges, creating a triangular-shaped cut at the edges of the glass. These pieces of glass are then arranged to form a window.

This gives the window a unique style without any severe blockage to natural light in the house. This is also perfect for someone who would not like to have many colorful windows in their home.

Colored Beveled Glass Windows

This type of beveled glass windows can come in the form of stained or tinted and frosted types of glass. An angled cut is made on the glass’s edges, colorfully reflecting light in the room.

A stained or tinted option can be perfect for people who wish to add a unique pop of color to their room while also partially blocking light. Meanwhile, frosted glass can be the choice for people who wish to avoid having many colors in the room but would prefer something other than clear glass.

Types of Beveled Glass Window Patterns

As for the design of beveled glass windows, several patterns are available in the market. Some of them include the following:

Floral and Animal: This type of glass includes different patterns of plants and birds. These are primarily used at the entrances of houses or big living rooms with sufficient natural light.

Geometric: These are patterns of geometric shapes such as hexagons. They can be used as side windows or as borders of windows with floral or animal patterns, which adds a unique detail to the overall design of the room.

Inscribed Circles: This pattern consists of circular-shaped cuts made into the glass. This allows for more privacy without compromising on natural light. They are mainly used for the kitchen.

How to Choose the Right Beveled Glass Window for House

One must keep a few things in mind to buy the perfect beveled glass for their house.

Positioning in the house: Where the window is in the house would significantly affect the decision of which type of glass to choose.

For example, a stained beveled window with a floral pattern might add a good pop of color and uniqueness to the house's entrance main door while maintaining privacy. Clear or frosted glass may be a good choice for a living room with more light.

Size of the window: The size affects how stained or frosted the perfect glass type should be. A stained or frosted window would be ideal for huge windows needing more light blockage than clear beveled windows.

Design of the window: A perfect beveled window also considers the design. The window design should suit the room and its overall aesthetic as well.

Price: Beveled glass windows come in various designs and shapes. The intricate production process of beveled glass translates into a high price for these pieces. Therefore, the design and style of glass should also be chosen depending on your budget.

Benefits of Beveled Glass

Other than the functionality of windows, beveled glass windows also come with several other added benefits. The cut in the glass reflects light in a way that creates beautiful visual effects, giving a more aesthetic feel to the room. But other than the visual and aesthetic benefits, it also has many other benefits.

Aesthetic element: The cut in the glass brings a rainbow effect upon the reflection of light because of the prism-like refraction of light within the glass.

Decoration: The sophisticated cut in the glass makes for a timeless and clean decoration within the room.

Safety: The edges of the glass are neatly polished, making it safe to use in houses with kids and pets. Moreover, it is also easier to clean windows with such glass.

Space: It has been proven that because of the reflection of light across the room, beveled glass and mirrors can make a room look more spacious. It also adds more dimension to the area.

Personalization: Given the many styles and patterns possible in crafting beveled glass, people can easily customize beveled glass windows for their houses according to their aesthetics.

Functions Of Beveled Glass Window

There are several functional benefits of beveled glass windows as well.

One can easily buy tinted or frosted glass, which blocks light and offers improved privacy in houses without needing blinds.

Beveled glass is also more robust in terms of glass breakage, which means they also present increased security in houses compared to other glass windows.

A good quality beveled glass mirror can offer better house insulation. Maintaining a comfortable temperature within the house means a lower energy bill. Thus, beveled glass windows are energy efficient as well.

So, this is it – all you need to know about beveled glass. Make sure to remember these things when you’re out buying it for your next dream project.

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