72x60 Sliding Window

Residential sliding window features could refer to features or characteristics of sliding windows commonly found in residential architecture or design.In residential architecture, sliding windows are a popular choice for their functionality, aesthetics, and space-saving qualities.

Two-track Sliding Window

Two tracks and two windows

Three-track Sliding Window(one window sliding)

Three-track Sliding Window(two windows sliding)

Customize Your Window

Customise your preferred 72x60 sliding windows and we'll provide more options to manufacture your favourite windows and enhance your overall architectural beauty and design aesthetic.


The Warren hardware of the 72x60 Sliding Window is Roto Sliding Hardware.


A good handle not only makes your home more stylish, it lasts longer and is less expensive to maintain. Warren provides you with imported quality handles.

Standard Configurations: HOPPE Handle


In Warren, a wide variety of high quality glass options are available to you. For example: Double Glass, Triple Glass, Insulated Glass, Laminated Glass and Frosted Glass.


Warren Have full-automatic horizontal spray production line and imported powder: adopt the original netherlands brand imported, AkzoNobel powder coating.

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How Much Is The 72x60 Sliding Window?

You can send the "Request A Free Quote" Form to us and our project manager will contact you within 24 hours.

Does Your 72x60 Sliding Window Have Certificate And Testing Report?

Sure, We have NFRC, NAMI, IGCC&AAMA certificates; 26 testing standards and 150+ testing reports&awards. You can contact us for the details.

Do You Have Project? Where Do You Have Project?

Yes, we have Texas-USA, California-USA, Louisiana-USA, Georgia-USA, Singapore, Philippine projects and so on. You can view pictures of our projects on the homepage of our official website and in the projects section!

Are 72x60 Sliding Window Easy To Install?

Usually we provide installation manual and video for your reference, we are always in touch with you about installation matters. It is also recommended that you hire a professional installer to ensure proper installation and sealing for optimal performance.

How Long Is The Warranty Service For 72x60 Sliding Window?

Warren Windows and Doors products are confident enough to admit that their quality is well guaranteed. We will provide a 10-year guarantee and our technical team will solve the problem with your windows.

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