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Garage doors play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality, security, and aesthetic appeal of your home. In Warren, as in many other places, various garage door types are available to meet different needs and preferences. Here's an introduction to some common Warren garage door types.
When choosing a garage door in Warren, it's essential to consider factors such as climate, security needs, maintenance requirements, and the overall aesthetics of your home. Whether you prefer a classic look, modern design, or a custom creation, the diverse range of garage door types available in Warren ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Fequently Asked Questions

What is a 9 x 14 garage door?

A 9 x 14 garage door is a garage door that measures 9 feet wide by 14 feet high.

Is 9 feet wide enough for a garage door?

If the garage will be used to store a single car, the door can be between 7 and 10 feet wide. While 7 feet is tight, 8 is even better and 9 feet wide makes parking and opening car doors much easier. In the event that the vehicle is a pickup or other type of massive car, a 9' or 10' door would be recommended.

More Asked Questions

How much does a garage door cost?

You can contact us through the official website, or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Can you match the garage door colour with my house?

Absolutely! With garages accounting for up to 60% of a homes façade it’s important that it matches the look and feel of your home. In fact, we can even match it to your outdoor furniture. Explore our extensive range of colours and designs on Warren website or have a complimentary consultation with our consultant.

Can Warren provide any garage door sizes?

Of course, you can provide our garage door consultants with the size, color, material and other relevant information about the garage door you need. Our design team will design a garage door that matches what you have in mind!

How do I install a garage door?

Usually we provide installation manual and video for your reference, we are always in touch with you about installation matters. It is also recommended that you hire a professional installer to ensure proper installation and sealing for optimal performance.

How long is the warranty service for garage door?

Warren Windows and Doors products are confident enough to admit that their quality is well guaranteed. We will provide a 10 year guarantee and our technical team will solve the problem with your garage door.

Choose The Type Of Garage Doors You Want

Residential Garage Door

Residential garage doors are garage doors used for individual homes. People usually buy a small number of residential garage doors, which can be made of aluminium, steel, wood and so on.

Commercial Garage Door

Warren have a complete line of commercial and industrial garage doors that have been tested for performance and safety, including roller shutters, steel, and aluminum alloys. We manufacture a variety of door styles, from insulated and non-insulated commercial garage doors for interior and exterior applications, to high-performance aluminum windows and doors to meet your business needs.

Insulated Garage Door

The difference between an insulated garage door and a non-insulated garage door is a thick layer of foam on the garage door. The foam allows the garage to retain heat in the winter and keep cold air inside the garage in the summer. When people compare insulated garage doors to non-insulated doors, the insulation almost always wins them over.

Glass Garage Door

Glass garage door is a new type of garage door. Glass garage doors are often used to open up living space and re-create the atmosphere of the space. Addition projects that convert a garage into living space or utilize the garage door as a unique way to open up space often opt for glass garage doors. Glass garage doors let in natural light, create visibility, and add beauty to the space.

Electric Garage Door

Unlike manual garage doors, electric garage doors can reduce the burden of manual labor and provide you with a convenient experience. You can change the way you use your garage by upgrading or replacing an electric garage door.

Custom Garage Door

When you purchase a garage door from Warren, you are choosing a product that is made to precise standards. Warren has been defining and perfecting the art of making custom garage doors. We combine the highest quality materials and finishes with unparalleled craftsmanship to create beautiful garage doors that stand the test of time.

Haven't found the size or type of garage door you're looking for?

Warren Regular Garage Door Materials


Steel garage doors are excellent for homeowners who need a durable installation. These garage doors are low-maintenance and economical, and you can often select from various colors. Most installations let you incorporate insulation to enhance R-value. Properly maintained steel doors won’t dent or rust.


Aluminum garage door materials provide a contemporary style. The surfaces of aluminum overhead doors are highly customizable, and products are lighter in weight than steel. One significant benefit of aluminum garage doors is that they are naturally resistant to rust. Protective coatings can help reinforce aluminum doors against extreme heat.

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Why Warren

Warren is a famous windows and doors brand in China. As one of the top 10 manufacturers, Warren is trusted by Chinese consumers. Warren is head-quartered in Beijing, takes technique and workmanship and quality seriously. Instead of applying traditional manpower in our factories, we have introduced a few German Elumatec Automatic Processing machines to make the manufacturing more precise and effective. In the past 10 years, Warren keeps pushing itself to pursue more delicate products for every customer by observing the newest technique and designs while always remaining professional service.

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