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Warren Aluminum Alloy Profile

Advantages of 6060-T66 Aluminum Alloy

High-strength heat treatment alloy with high hardness;
Easy processing, good corrosion resistance;
Stable performance and low deformation;
Good weldability, high strength, good flexibility;
Good mechanical properties wear resistance, and impact resistance; The service life is 10 times of common aluminum alloy.

Parameter comparison of aluminum alloy 6060-T66 and 6063-T5

6063-T5 aluminum alloy is air-cooled, with easy control of deformation coefficient and moderate hardness, while 6060-T66 aluminum alloy is strengthened by a special process on the basis of T6, with higher hardness, stable performance and small deformation. 6060-T66 aluminum alloy has higher silicon content than 6063-T5, and also contains small amount of copper and magnesium, which makes it have better strength and corrosion resistance.
After solution heat treatment and artificial aging treatment, 6060-T66 aluminum alloy has higher strength and average mechanical properties than T6 under 20-30Mpa condition [T66 is under T6 (solution strengthening + full artificial aging)] condition, and then strengthened mechanical properties by a special process. Compared with 6063-T5, 6060-T66 aluminum alloy has smoother composition, higher precision, stronger anti-aging ability, and higher reliability.

Warren Make Your Home and Energy Bill Low!

Warren Tempered Glass

*Double Glass

*Full Tempered

*Low-E Coating

*Black Spacer Bar

*Argon Gas Fill

Glass Competitive Analysis Framework

Warren provides accurate data to help you effectively analyse and compare the outstanding benefits and features of Warren TPS glass.

Warren Weather Strip

Warren Would Always Offer The Best Weather Strip For You.


German Excellent Brand Semperit

Top GradeEPDM Rubber, delivering excellent tear, abrasion, and steam resistance.
One-piece Bending(no breaks in the corner), improving Airtightness performance.
Co-extruded gaskets with foam rubber area for top insulation performance.


Top Brand Jiangyin Haida

Advanced EPDM Rubber,delivering excellent tear, abrasion and steam resistance.

Hot Melt Welding (4 Joints Each), Original JYHD EPDM Integrated

Warren Hardwares

Warren windows and doors use high-quality imported brands of hardware.

Founded in 1961, Sobinco is the European top 1 manufacturer of aluminium window and door hardware originating from Belgium, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions on five continents.


Excellent Noise Reduction: Reduces noise by 3~4DB compared to visible hinges.

High Load-Bearing:130kg、170kg、200kg(200kg Required FB700-1200mm).

Lifelong Resistance to Corrosion:240 Hours Salt Spray test.

Burglar Resistance:Anti-theft design on the hinges.

Better Wind And Water Tightness: No cutting rubber gasket at the hinge area, the integrity of the sash gasket is ensured, thus the air and water tightness is greatly improved.

Copper Plating Treatment:The hinges are copper plated and self-lubricating to keep them open smoothly and permanently.


10-year guarantee on the mechanical operation, made in Europe.

DIN EN ISO 14001

Environmentally-considerate manufacturing.


High anti-corrosion: all hardware surface treatment to achieve the European level 5 anti-corrosion treatment.
High hinge strength: Roto hinge using austenitic stainless steel, hinge load-bearing part of the thickening treatment (other brands have used martensitic stainless steel cost low)
Wide range of opening sizes: the narrowest opening size for tilt and turn windows can be 370mm (other brands are 400mm).
Multi-point lock design: to ensure that the whole window sealing, reduce noise.

Germany FSB was founded in 1881, 140 years from now a hundred years of history of enterprises. This Olympic Light handle is designed by German designer Hartmut Weise.


100% imported from Germany, handmade, unique, luxury in the handle brands.

Ergonomic, thumb positioning, index finger guidance, palm support, grasp fit.

Aluminium processing technology, surface brushed-matte "frosted tinted anodized aluminium", gloss and feel particularly strong through 100,000 times durability test (250,000 within the tilt and turn use), better than the European standard.

More Handles & Hardwares Showing

All used by Warren products.

Warren Windows And Doors Factory

6 German Elumatec Automatic Processing Production Lines & 800 Gema Switzerland Powder Coating Area

Warren Corner Connection Technology

1.Corner Section Glue

Strengthen the sealing of windows

2.Strong Aluminum AssembleCorner Key 5mm

lmprove Frame Strength

3.Perfect Mitre Cut AndMitre Joint

Flat Surface, Aesthetics

4.Injection Method for CornerAngle Bonding

lmprove the bonding effect

5.Reinforced Window Corners

Strengthen the corner connection

Weiss Glue

Warren Using German Weiss 2-part PUR adhesive for injectiorprocess.Strengthening the corner connection improves theoverall sealing of the window and improves theload-bearing and wind load resistance.

The comer part adopts German Weiss 2-partPUR adhesive. and carries out the glue iniectiorprocess. The glue is injected through the gluenection hole. and the glue overfows from theglue overflow hole after filling . The combination otglue bucket and curing agent can improve thebonding effect, thereby strengthening the sealincof the corners and improving the strength of thecomers.

Warren Certificate

Warren's product have passed NFRC & NAMI & IGCC & AAMA certificate.

Testing Standard 26

Testing Reports & Awards 150+

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