Besides fulfilling their basic function of providing light and air passage, windows can create an aesthetically pleasing environment around your establishment.

For this purpose, we are going to indulge in reasoning why having ultra-large windows can add value to your living experience.

A common homeowner does not operate on a cognitive basis to think that windows can be used for more than their conventional use. However, if we delve into the thought of the role of windows, we can certainly reach a consensus that windows act as a portal between the interior of the house and the external environment.

You’ll learn all about the importance of ultra-large windows in homes, and we’ll answer more such questions as to why their installation can boost your design patterns. So, read on.

Why Big Windows?

The initial reaction of any regular person looking to install windows in his house to the idea of having ultra-large windows would be to ask why they should go on to do something that seems so outlandish.

The simple answer to that would be to form a constructive connection within your abode.

Most homeowners might not take this reasoning seriously since they tend to be particular about material objects. But, the mind of a design-oriented person would lean into such an exciting proposal.

Since we’re discussing the basics at this point, we must concur that home is meant to be a symbol of comfort that you must feel within its boundaries. This is exactly what ultra-large windows tend to offer, which is a connection with nature to be internalized.

Letting more natural light into your home creates an ambiance for healthy mindsets to flourish. Similarly, if the air passage into your residence is not restricted, you can experience life within a cozy and private space in a much broader sense.

If we keep thinking of windows as just opening to let some air in, it reduces their subjective value, which in turn lessens the meaning attached to the feeling of homeliness.

Fully Glazed Walls: A New Trend

Modern-day architects have also started to adhere to the design of ultra-large windows because it provides utility along with an enhanced visual experience. Keeping in mind an architectural methodology, the basic of designing a home relies on reinventing traditional ideas.

Therefore, having a whole glass window wall breaks into an innovative approach effectively and not just for the sake of being inventive but increasing visibility along the way. Every typical wall made out of stone, brick, or any other material does not explore the notion of not having a completely opaque wall.

This might raise some concerns for homeowners with an emphasis on privacy. The transparency of ultra-large windows can simply be covered for privacy with the help of installing curtains which also don’t cost as much as building a wall of stone or bricks.

Another key feature of having private ultra-large windows, even when the curtains are up, is their placement of them.

A fully glazed wall that encompasses even two levels of a house can indulge in ample privacy when placed correctly. Hence, spaces can be kept intimate by merely facing ultra-large windows in the right direction.

How To Clean?

It is probably a practical concern to have when homeowners question how they can maintain the cleanliness of windows of such large proportions. Well, the answer to that is as transparent as you wish your windowpane to be; there is no easier alternative than you might be hoping for.

Ultra-large windows, like any normal glass pane, require regular scrubbing in order to maintain a sleek finish. Nonetheless, if you overlook the tidiness of ultra-large windows just because it seems inconvenient, then it defeats the purpose of installing such a glorious piece of work in the first place.

The traditional practice of applying squeegees to clear the glass of any mark works best. In this method, you avoid leaving water marks on the glass, and using a microfiber cloth just after does the job perfectly fine.

Some life hack articles might even suggest that you use newspaper for a streamlined finish to the glass, but in the case of ultra-large windows, it poses the risk of leaving ink marks behind, which nobody wants to see on such an elegant window style.

Pros and Cons


• Ultra-large windows portray the futuristic architecture of the house.

• If your house has a scenic view, glazed wall windows add value to the visual experience.

• More natural light and air can circulate indoors.


• If you decide to make a full wall out of a window, the price of it, when added up, might seem a bit ridiculous, but it is a project for design fanatics.

• Ultra-large windows also tend to conserve heat a lot more, and understandably so. Hence, you can expect that your insulation expenses will shoot up accordingly.

How To Style The Large Windows Of Your House?

We have some takeaways for this project if you’re considering having larger-than-life windows installed at your residence.

Apart from obviously selecting a window design through consultation with your architect since it will be an integral part of the house's structure, there are a couple of things that can enhance an already exquisite choice.

Quality Investment

Having cheap-looking furniture visible from the exterior of your house through an ultra-large window is nothing short of a tragedy.

Similarly, the curtains of such big windows also need to match the enormous vibe. Not only that but installing top-notch hardware is also quite integral, as curtains hanging from a shabby rod do no service to your abode's aesthetics.

Color Scheme

Since your ultra-large window is susceptible to allowing your interior design's view from an outside perspective, you need to make an impressionable display. Experiment with your home's color schemes to every minute detail, such as the fabric of your cushions and furniture.

The attention you can grab from all these descriptions can go a long way in making your home's visual experience a treat for sore eyes.

December 18, 2022 — Della Wang