For most homeowners, doors might just be a mode of entry. But for someone with an eye for aesthetics and design, doors can be utilized as a pleasant way to welcome guests and residents.

You can also create a warm, welcoming experience for your guests by putting some thought into installing innovative doors at your home.

Pre-hung doors are one such example of an innovative door option.

They work great to boost the elegance of your establishments while maintaining the basic functionality of doors which is accessibility and privacy.

In this blog post, we’ve lined up some valuable information for you to gather before investing in pre-hung doors.

When Do You Need To Replace Your Doors?

It is typical for external doors to face harsh weather conditions, and the aftereffects might cause them to deteriorate over time.

Another misconception is overlooking interior doors' depreciation by thinking they aren't openly exposed to the strict climate. Regular use of interior doors is more detrimental than one might think. So replacing them is equally important to have a mentally peaceful living experience within your home.

Therefore, conducting a brief inspection from time to time is recommended to determine when a door replacement is to be considered.

Here are some signs that homeowners need to look out for which point towards replacing their doors timely:

• Look for any rust or dents which can considerably affect the strength of doors.

• Visible scratches, peeling, or fading of the door material show that the door might have worn out and passed its serviceability.

• Significant softening or cracking of the wood is to be considered a matter of urgency since you might not have a door to open soon if not replaced quickly.

• Check for signs of pest infestation as it can be an indication of potential health harm as the air around the door is also compromised.

• Make sure there’s no air or light passage through the doors to avoid poor insulation.

What Is A Pre-Hung Door?

A pre-hung door really is what the name suggests; the door is already attached with hinges to a frame and is sold as a complete package.

These doors are manufactured in a ready-made fashion where you do not have to worry about getting the doorknobs and hinges separately after choosing a wooden frame. Companies build pre-hung doors for homeowners looking to simply put up pleasant-looking doors with all accessories attached.

Since pre-hung doors come as a complete package, a common misconception about them is that they would lack customizability. However, not only is that not the case, but rather pre-hung doors consist of stunning wooden frames with the added beauty of glass panes installed within.

The variety in terms of materials and design provides added value for homeowners. Manufacturers also count on the weather resistance factor when making pre-hung doors, so the convenience is only amplified rather than decreased.

Pros & Cons of Pre-Hung Doors

Like all home renovation products, pre-hung doors’ features suit some but might be a hassle for others. Henceforth, we're stating the factual grounds for having a pre-hung door installed at your home, which may or may not go your way.

Since we want your final say to be a favorable decision in the long term, here are the pros and cons that might help you make the call.


Ease of Installation

As discussed, pre-hung doors come with hinges, predrilled holes for doorknobs, and slate frames and are designed according to industry standards. This means you do not have to go out of your way to plan for every moving part from scratch when constructing a new home.

Convenient For Repairs

If your old door wears out and no longer functions as required, it would be a tiring effort to replace everything individually. Not only does a pre-hung door save you time and energy, but you get a fresh perspective on the way in than having a refurbished look.

Weather Resistant

It is mandatory for exterior doors to stand the test of time. Therefore, companies build pre-hung doors with energy efficiency standards to ensure adequate insulation.



Since pre-hung doors are assembled with all accessories included, they are heavy to carry from warehouses to homes. Installing them is also an exhausting task.

Delicate Before Installation

Pre-hung doors are a reliable and robust option among the kinds of doors available in the market, but their frames are to be handled with care before installation. This is why hired professionals must be reached out to handle them; otherwise, the damage before installation can hurt the functionality of pre-hung doors.


The highlighting feature of pre-hung doors is their convenience, and it does come at a price. Pre-hung doors are far more expensive than slab doors.

Types And Materials

There are a variety of features of pre-hung doors that you should familiarize yourself with before making the purchase.


The first of many things would be to decide the type of door you will go ahead with. The most commonly available pre-hung doors are French or traditional swing doors.

The rest of the door types barely qualify for pre-hung doors as they have separate moving parts of the door frame to fit into.

However, the further you delve into designing your dream doors, the option keeps opening up. Side lighting can be one of the examples of customizing pre-hung door designs.


The conventional approach for selecting a pre-hung door would include a wooden frame. However, vinyl, fiberglass, and metal frames are also readily available in the market. Even wooden door frames with glass pane cutouts fitted in them are used frequently by homeowners.


The average price of pre-hung doors all over the U.S. ranges from $250-$1000. If we break down the project of a single pre-hung door into materials and labor, they can be individually selected from the breadth of $100-$500 and $150-$500 for both, respectively. The overall cost may vary depending on factors such as your location, materials, and the charges of installation from varying companies.


Pre-hung doors come in industry standard sizes of 80” height and 36” width for both exterior and interior doors. Nevertheless, custom-made pre-hung doors are regularly installed according to the design specifications of homeowners.

Pre-Hung Vs. Slab Doors

The popular competitor of pre-hung doors are the slab doors, which simply means getting a wooden slab of your required size and getting the hinges, the doorknob cut out, and the slate frame one by one. Slab doors also have a case up against pre-hung doors, which we’ll discuss in the major takeaway points from this article.

Final Thoughts

If you already have a wooden slab of the right size, you might want to look into building a slab door instead of a pre-hung door.

However, a key downside of having slab doors installed is to go into the hassle of every detail, which goes down to even getting the wooden frame sanded and painted. On the other hand, a finished product of your choice can be opted for in the form of a pre-hung door.

However, slab doors can be less expensive than pre-hung doors if you're on a budget. Moreover, they're typically much more convenient in terms of repair in cases such as if your old door is not significantly damaged, meaning that the frame is intact.

All in all, pre-hung doors are a long-term investment that can be worth the money spent if you consider the earlier discussed specifications.

December 18, 2022 — Della Wang