Meta Description: Replacing your home's windows is a big job. Here's the step-by-step process to make the replacement as painless as possible.

Have you ever thought of replacing your window? If so, you are bound to enjoy the benefit of window replacement. Indeed, new windows can improve your home value and make your home a unique abode. It can also help insulate it better and lower energy bills.

However, it's essential to pick a suitable size for window replacement. Hence, there is a need for homeowners planning window replacement to know how to take the correct measurement for their window size.

In this article, we've outlined a detailed guide on how to measure window replacement. Keep reading.

What to Know Before Purchasing Windows

Window replacement should be planned properly. For the most part, there are things you need to know before purchasing a replacement window.

Firstly, always take and know your window's proper measurements. This is so important as it forms the basis of this article. So, take your time to measure the right height, breadth, and depth with a tape measure. There's a good chance to get the dimensions of any windows you intend to buy. Even so, it would help if you took your measurements to ensure they fit your window openings properly.

Secondly, take the measurements with you, and use them while shopping for new windows. This can help you get a good deal and know the typical expenses of installing replacement windows. After this, take your time to compare the rough measurement to determine whether the windows will fit in your rough opening.

Often, you won't need to do this if you're buying online because the measurements will be accessible. However, always take your time to verify if your rough measurement matches the window size. The truth is nothing is more frustrating than bringing home a window that doesn't fit in properly.

Why measure your window

Apart from ensuring your replacement window fits in properly to its opening, there are still many reasons to measure your window when replacing them.

The measurement helps save money and time.

Correct measurements ensure long-term savings. If the window is not measured, it can cause improper installation, which may lead to replacing them again sooner.

It keeps warping and drafts at bay.

The ability to stop drafts and warping is another factor in the significance of precise window measures. Once a window is not correctly installed, there is a big chance of exposing your home to drafts, and your windows may eventually distort.

It helps the window function properly.

In addition, precise window measures are necessary to ensure effective window operation. If not, you can have trouble opening and closing your windows if they are the wrong size.

Steps for measuring windows

Now, it is time to measure your window. You must follow the steps below to ensure your windows are precisely measured and prepared for replacement.

Step One: Take three separate measurements of the width of your window.

To begin, start between the side jambs, and take the width reading of the window to determine the appropriate size for your window. However, there is every tendency to be obstructed by the window sash. If this is the case, pull it out of the way to avoid blocking your measurements,

Next, take three separate measurements of the width of your window at the top, bottom, and center. Note down each of the three measurements.

Step two: Determine the height of the window.

In this stage also, you will take the measurements in three places/spots, just like you did in stage one. Take your measurement from the top of the frame to the bottom of the sill. Once again, please remove the sash from the path of the tape measure. Remember to take notes while you measure; your window's height will be the shortest of the three.

Also, note that the measuring method will vary depending on whether your window is rectangular or arched at the top. First, locate the exact middle of the glass. After that, add half an inch to the height you get by measuring again from the top center to the frame's body.

Step Three: Determine the depth of the jamb.

Locate the deepest portion of your window and measure it. Check this from a few different vantage points; the lowest total will be your window depth. Moreover, window replacement may be done even without knowing the depth of your existing windows, but if they are any narrower than three-quarter inches, you will need to buy custom sizes.

Measuring Rough Openings

The right replacement window measurement is essential, as discussed earlier. If not taken accurately, you tend to create room for the draft, and you'll have to pay more for heating and cooling.

When measuring the window's rough opening, the new window frame's horizontal dimension comes first. So, find your frame's height, width, and depth and multiply those numbers. Remember to pen down the lowest values in the trio. The smallest of the above dimensions should be used as a guide when purchasing a window.

Measure the height in the same way. Next, find the smallest part of the window by measuring its width at its center and both ends. When making purchases, use the two smallest dimensions—the width and the height—as your guide. It's also essential to gauge how far inward the window recess goes. Some windows may be too deep to fit into a given aperture; thus, it's necessary to know the depth beforehand. Using a measuring tape, calculate the distance from one edge of the frame to the other. Again check many spots around the window and use the lowest reading.

After taking accurate measurements following the above instruction, you can now shop for windows that will suit the designated openings. The measured space should have windows roughly two inches smaller and two inches lower than initially planned. This leaves a gap of one inch around every side of the window, which may be used to position and modify the window so that it fits precisely where you want it.

Find a Local Window Installer

Anyone can indeed install a window, but it doesn't make it a good idea. The incompetence will be blatantly apparent in the form of a crumbling wall and a steadily increasing electric bill. So, always find a local window installer near you. Professional services cost more than simply the time and supplies they use. Please ensure you get it correctly the first time by going with the experts; your money will go toward abilities that have been honed over many years.

December 10, 2022 — Della Wang