Meta Description: Slab doors are a great alternative to new pre-hung doors, with the same look and feel and all the benefits of a solid front door.

There isn't a single house remodel that doesn't benefit from adding a stunning new door. These often-overlooked works of craft may be crucial in giving our homes the unique factor you're always after. However, despite being a unique piece, different types of doors may be used during a remodeling project. Often, you may want to replace a door but still want to use the door frame. In this case, a slab door might be the perfect solution.

For this reason, this article will outline all you need to know about slab doors, what they are and their benefits.

What is a Slab door?

Slab doors don't come with their door frames, i. e, it is not pre-hung. So, in this case, the actual labor of fixing the bolts and creating the space for the doorknob is left to the homeowner.

Slab doors are typically constructed of wood, although other materials and designs are available. For instance, some are crafted from glass, elaborate moldings, and metal or fiberglass. Some slab doors, however, are nothing more than flat pieces of wood or plywood. These doors are often designed for internal corridors, bedrooms, and closets. In addition, slab doors generally are characterized by not having any hardware installed, which has potential benefits.

Benefits of slab door

There are many reasons why homeowners should consider slab doors. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Slab doors are cheaper and lighter in weight than pre-hung doors.

Due to the lack of frame and hinges, slab doors are often less expensive than pre-hung doors. Although cheaper, installing a slab door requires precise measurements to ensure a proper fit. Also, slab doors have an advantage in terms of their weight over those that need a frame. It is straightforward to carry, unlike the pre-hung ones that a single person may find difficult to install due to weight.

The installation is easy and may not require hiring a professional

When you're simply swapping out a few doors, installing slab doors is likewise a doable DIY undertaking. For proper DIY installation, you may use an existing one as a pattern and recycle the hinges. So, all you need to do is have a template to use as a starting point.

Slab doors come in various designs.

As far as aesthetics is concerned, the versatility of slab doors is another plus. Refitted historic doors, for instance, are rarely sold with a frame already attached. For the most part, slab doors are the ideal and often only choices when incorporating an antique door into your house. When comparing the many components of a door, the door slab displays how skillful the manufacturer is. So, the opportunities are virtually beyond the limit.

Slab doors are the best fit for interior use.

In addition, slab doors are perfect for use in residential applications. They are better installed in the interior part of the home, where they are not subjected to the same environmental hazards as outside doors. For instance, a front door's structure might get distorted by the effects of weather over time. So, avoid installing a slab door on a deformed frame since doing so can lead to misalignment, leaks in the weather seal, and decreased thermal efficiency. On the other hand, slab doors may be easily installed on an existing internal frame.

Where are Slab doors typically used?

Doorways that lead to interior space.

In most cases, slab doors do not require weather-proofing. This, of course, is in contrast to pre-hung doors. This makes slab doors an excellent choice for use in doorways that lead to interior spaces. As a result of their flexibility, slab doors may be set up to slide instead of swing open. A slab door is ideal for use as an interior or exterior door in a variety of settings, including closets, pantries, restroom entrances, and barns.

Door frames already in place

If the door frames are already in place, a slab door might be a cost-effective addition to a restoration project. Putting in a new slab door in place of an old one is a cheap and easy option to improve a home's aesthetics and increase its market value. In addition, if you have a door frame, you may use it to create a unique piece. However, it's important to remember that this may raise the project's difficulties and cost if you plan to replace the doors.

Final Thought

Slab doors are ideal for any home. Mostly, they may be customized in many ways, making them a versatile choice for any remodel. In addition, because of the ease with which these doors may be installed into preexisting door frames, even a novice handyperson can dramatically alter the appearance of a room with just a few hand tools and some time.

Most of the time, an internal slab door will be the showpiece of a room or the creative link between two open areas of your house.

December 10, 2022 — Della Wang