When it comes to replacing your home’s windows you want to make sure that you have the best. Vinyl windows are an affordable alternative to traditional materials, but do they provide the same quality as their counterparts? Here is everything you need to know about vinyl windows so you can determine if they are the right fit for your home.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

The most common replacement windows used in homes are vinyl. Vinyl replacement windows are easy to install and often do a better job at insulating your home than the original worn-out window frames. Vinyl replacement window frames are made of PVC and come in a variety of colors to fit your design needs.

Vinyl replacement windows are the best way to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling your home. They hold up to the weather and wear and look great in any space. High-quality vinyl window frame replacements are the best way to make an old space look.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the most affordable option for your home. Vinyl window frames are made of low-cost material. This means that you can get high-quality vinyl window frames in your home for less than the base model for wood and aluminum.

Vinyl windows are made from PVC that can be made in a variety of colors. This means that your vinyl window frames will never need to be repainted. Overall maintenance and upkeep on vinyl windows is easy and only includes occasional cleaning.

Vinyl windows are known for their versatility. Vinyl is a material that is easy and affordable to work with and therefore can be made into any design. Whether you are looking for casement windows or picture windows, vinyl can be molded and shaped into any design that fits your home.

What to Consider Before Vinyl Window Installation

Although vinyl windows are much more affordable and versatile than their wooden and aluminum counterparts, there are some things to keep in mind before choosing them for your home. Vinyl window frames are made from PVC and are less durable than wood or aluminum. Wood and aluminum are much harder materials, hence the higher price point, and can take more pressure throughout the years. Vinyl window frames are great if you don’t anticipate any sources of damage, but they can warp over time and most people replace vinyl window frames every 15 years on average. Wood and aluminum window frames can last decades longer because they are less likely to take damage, flex under pressure, or loosen.

Vinyl window frames are almost impossible to paint over. Only a few companies produce paint that can go on vinyl and last for a long time. This means that if you are looking to remodel your home with vinyl windows, you will not be able to give them a fresh coat of paint for a new life. If you need a different color or style, you will have to replace your window frames. This also holds to dirt and sun damage over time. If your vinyl window frames become weathered over the years, you can not paint over them to look brand new. You will have to replace the entire window frame.

What are the Best Replacement Vinyl Windows?

When looking to replace your windows with vinyl window frames it is important to know what to look for. Vinyl window frames come in a variety of qualities and finishes so it is best to do your research when looking for replacements for your home.

High-Quality vinyl window frames will be more durable and last longer than ow quality options. A high-quality window frame will be sturdier and more capable to stand up to dings and bruises. Since vinyl window frames are not solidly constructed it is important to understand how to find durable construction. Hollow vinyl window frames are made sturdier by placing supports inside the hollowed-out area to create small compartments. A vinyl window frame with more supports inside the hollow area, and thus more compartments, is going to be able to hold up better over time. These supports help the frames keep their shape even under high stress.

The other marker of quality in vinyl window frames is how each corner is secured. Some lower-quality options use glue or screws to secure the seams of their window frames. These seams are not air and water tight and are not as capable of standing up to inclement weather over time. The best vinyl window frames have welds at the corners. These welds secure the sides of the frame together while creating a weather-tight seal that will keep your windows leak-free for decades.

The last thing to consider when replacing your windows is the finish. High-quality vinyl window frames will not feel like cheap plastic. A good vinyl window frame will have a sturdy feel and a great-looking finish that is sure to look great in your home.

Quality Window Manufacturers

Not all vinyl windows are created equal. When it comes time to find replacement window frames for your home, take the time to find a window manufacturer that produces a quality product. Your replacement windows will most likely be in your home for a minimum of 15 years, so you want to be sure you choose a high-quality vinyl window frame. Companies like Simonton and Pella are known for making quality products. However, you can find quality manufacturers all around. Just be sure to check the construction of the frame and what is used to hold the corners together.

Quality Window Glass Panes

Great vinyl window frames are only as great as the glass you choose to put in them. Vinyl windows work best with either double or triple-paned glass because it helps insulate the window and keep everything weatherproof. Treated glass may be best if your window is in a high-traffic area or will be facing a high amount of inclement weather.

June 26, 2022 — Della Wang