Warren French Double Doors

Double French doors are a timeless and elegant architectural feature that adds a touch of sophistication to both interior and exterior spaces. Characterized by two hinged doors that open from the center, these doors are typically designed with glass panels, allowing for an abundance of natural light and creating a seamless connection between adjoining spaces.

Customize Your French Door

Customise your preferred French door and we'll provide more options to manufacture your favourite French door and enhance your overall architectural beauty and design aesthetic.

The Size

Warren offers regular French door sizes and can customize French door sizes for you. Helping you adapt to the design and style of your entire house

The Material

Warren use 6060-T66 aluminum alloy

High-strength heat treatment alloy with high hardness;
Easy processing, good corrosion resistance;

The Glass

In Warren, a wide variety of high quality glass options are available to you. For example: Double Glass, Triple Glass, Insulated Glass, Laminated Glass and Frosted Glass.

The Hardware

Warren use famous Germany brand ROTO handle.

And famous Germany Brand Dr.Hahn Hinges with large load capacity.

The Color

Warren Have full-automatic horizontal spray production line and imported powder: adopt the original netherlands brand imported, AkzoNobel powder coating.

Thus, Warren can offer you any regular color: black, white, brown, grey, green and blue. If you need another colors, contact our sales consultant!

Still not find what you’re looking for? Contact us for your CUSTOM French door

Application Scenarios For French Door

Warren offers customized advice on interior and exterior French doors that want to match the design and performance of your entire house!

French Double Doors Interior

French Double doors for interior spaces add a touch of classic elegance and timeless charm to your home. These doors feature two panels with glass inserts, creating a seamless and inviting transition between rooms. Whether used to connect a living room and dining area or to create a private home office, interior double French doors enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your living space.

Features: Classic and stylish design for interior aesthetics.

Two panels with glass inserts for an open feel.

Allows for visual connection between rooms.

Enhances natural light flow between spaces.

Various finishes and materials to complement interior decor.

Solid construction for privacy and noise reduction.

French Double Doors Exterior

French double doors for exterior use are a striking addition to your home's facade, creating a grand entrance that exudes sophistication. These doors typically feature larger glass panels to maximize natural light and provide picturesque views of the outdoors. Exterior double French doors seamlessly blend the interior and exterior, making them an ideal choice for connecting your indoor living space to a patio, garden, or deck.

Features: Grand and welcoming entrance for curb appeal.

Larger glass panels for abundant natural light.

Enhances the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Durable materials for weather resistance and security.

Secure locking mechanisms for safety.

Versatile styles to complement various architectural designs.

Whether for interior or exterior use, double French doors are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice that adds both functionality and beauty to your home.

How Did You Get French Doors Into Your Hands?

After carefully packing your 60x60 window, they are transported from the factory to the port you want. At the port of departure, your window are loaded into a container by certified export handlers and will be verified. Every shipment is fully insured. Upon shipment, we provide you with customs clearance documents, which will help you to arrange customs clearance.Transit time will be approximately 30 days. The exact transit time depends on the location of your port and the actual departure time of the ship.

Procurement Process


How Much Do French Doors Cost?

You can provide us with your French door size or your French door drawings, and our project manager will quote your French door project according configuration and dimensions. You can contact us on "Request A Free Quote" page.

Does Your Windows And Doors Have Certificate And Testing Report?

Sure, We have NFRC, NAMI, IGCC & AAMA certificates; 26 testing standards and 150+ testing reports & awards. You can contact us for the details.

Do You Have Project? Where Do You Have Project?

Yes, we have Texas-USA, California-USA, Louisiana-USA, Georgia-USA, Singapore, Philippine projects and so on. You can view pictures of our projects on the homepage of our official website and in the projects section!

Are French Doors Easy To Install?

Usually we provide installation manual and video for your reference, we are always in touch with you about installation matters. It is also recommended that you hire a professional installer to ensure proper installation and sealing for optimal performance.

How Long Is The Warranty Service For French Doors?

Warren Windows and Doors products are confident enough to admit that their quality is well guaranteed. We will provide a 10-year guarantee and our technical team will solve the problem with your windows.

Why Warren

Warren is a famous windows and doors brand in China. As one of the top 10 manufacturers, Warren is trusted by Chinese consumers. Warren is head-quartered in Beijing, takes technique and workmanship and quality seriously. Instead of applying traditional manpower in our factories, we have introduced a few German Elumatec Automatic Processing machines to make the manufacturing more precise and effective. In the past 10 years, Warren keeps pushing itself to pursue more delicate products for every customer by observing the newest technique and designs while always remaining professional service.

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