Architect Series Tilt And Turn Window

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Germany Brand ROTO

Concealed Hardware

High anti-corrosion
Galvanized process
Wide range of opening sizes (Narrowest:370mm)
Multi-point lock design
90KG high load-bearing capacity
No damage to the sealing strip, better sealing performance

Germany Brand FSB

Aesthetic Handle

100% Handmade
Higher than European standard
Plug-in Handle
Multiple colours available

Germany Brand ROTO

Security Lock

Burger Proof Multipoint Lockings

Lever-handle-operated (6 Lock Points)

Corrosion Resistant (304 Steel; Zinc and Nickel Electroplating)

Color Silver

Germany Brand TECHNOFORM

Technoform Transmission

Silent Transmission

Top Quality PA66

Black Color

High mechanical stability / Heat resistant / Ease of processing

High strength / Corrosion resistant / High flexural strength

Advanced 6060-T66 Aluminum

Tensile strength σb(MPa):≥210N

Conditional yield strength σ0.2(MPa):≥160

Multiple-Colors Personality Customization

100% Original Holland Brand AkzoNobel

Strong adhesion,does not fade easily

Performance upgrade

Ultra Transparent Net

Non-dusty and easy to clean

Photocatalyst technology for easy disinfection

High-density insect-proof, high-visibility

High strength and better impact resistance

Easy to replace

performance upgrate

Better Insulation Performance

Cavity Perfusion + Insulation Cotton

Comprehensive Protection

Dust Cover Nowhere to hide dust

Corner Protector To avoid scratches


Warren's products are certified, allowing you to purchase with confidence.

Accurate to 0.01MM

Perfect Corner

Top Germany Brand ELUMATEC

Frame-closing and Angle-setting Technology

Germany brand Weiss

Glue Injection / Corner Connection

Significantly enhance corner strength and the sealing perforamance of frame

Switzerland Brand gema

Flawless Surface

Strong Weatherablity / High Colour Reproduction / Good Adhesion

Advantages of Complete Three-pass Sealant Strip

① Inner glass trip: soft and hard co-squeeze and add a clip line to prevent thermal expansion&cold contraction
② Dustproof strip: dustproof and increase the displacement (air pressure)
③ Central breakwater strip: water vapor separation
④ Sealing strip: ensure the tightness of the sash and frame. (Hidden hinges does not damage the integrity of the sealing strip)

why we choose semperit sealing strip

High elasticity, long-term elastic recovery, up to 50 years of service life. Ensure that doors and windows are resistant to wind and rain, thermal insulation,sound insulation.

Comparison of Elastic Recovery.In% between Semperit EPDM Sealing Strip and Non EPDM